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20th Century Fox Home Entertainment’s release of the Alien Quadrilogy contains a number of hidden extras. Here’s how you find them:

Insert disc four into your player and select the 'Post-Production' menu. Once in that menu, highlight 'The Final Countdown' and press the up on your remote control. This will highlight one of the alien glyphs. Press enter to view an interview with Van Ling entitled 'A Boy and His Power Loader', in which he tells the story of how he got involved with director James Cameron.

Alien Quadrilogy
Now insert disc eight of the set. Go to the 'Post-Production' menu and head to the second page. Now highlight the menu entry 'Back' at the bottom of the page and press down on your remote. This will highlight a glyph at the top of the screen that, when entered, will give access to another interview. This time it’s DVD producer David Prior in the hot seat, and he talks about being cast as an alien in the last instalment of the series.

Alien Quadrilogy
This one is slightly less exciting, but you may want to check it out nonetheless. Each of the four supplemental discs contain hidden credits pages that can be accessed by going to the 'Navigation Options' page, then entering the release date of each film using your remote control. Disc two will require you to enter 5-25-79, disc four will be 7/18/86, disc six is 5-22-92 and disc eight requires you to type 11-26-97. As with many other eggs that require you to enter numerical sequences, you may have to experiment with entering the figures. For example, some players may require you to use the +10 key to enter the numbers, while others have yet other ways. It’s always best to check the instruction manual if you’re unfamiliar with how to enter numbers using your remote.

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