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Oh! You Pretty Things (The Old Grey Whistle Test - take 2)
Disc 1: Click on 'Play All' every 2nd time the alternative version
will appear.

Interview with David Bowie and Russell Harty (before Drive-In Saturday)

Disc 1: Scroll down to Drive-In Saturday and press right button. An underscore _ will appear, press enter. Not to be confused with the hyphen in Drive-In.

Screen ad for forthcoming Ziggy Stardust DVD release (Hammersmith Odeon 1973)

Disc 1: Click on the lightning bolt logo on the tracklisting display.

Jazzin' For Blue Jean (complete promo)

Disc 1: Highlight the track and press right. Click on the ) symbol on the tracklisting display. You will notice the picture change on the right hand side. Highlight and press right.

Blue Jean (MTV edit recorded at The Wag Club)

Disc 1: Whilst you are playing the Jazzin' For Blue Jean video, when Bowie appears on the TV above the jukebox, click on enter.

Day In Day Out (Extended Mix)Disc 2: Click on 'Play All' every 2nd time the extended mix will appear. Miracle Goodnight (Remix)Disc 2: Play the Miracle Goodnight video wait 5 minutes on the tracklist display and click enter. Seven Years In Tibet (Mandarin version)Disc 2: Click on the Mandarin symbol on the subtitle page. Survive (Live in Paris)Disc 2: Click on 'Play All' every 2nd time the live version will appear.

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