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The Charlies Angels DVD contains some bonus video footage that isnt listed on the box. Follow these instructions to get your hands on it...

1. Firstly, on the main menu, select 'Special Features'. There are 3 special features menu pages, and each one of these contains a hidden feature! On the very first page special features page, highlight 'G'ed up'. Next press the 'Right' arrow on your DVD remote to highlight Cameron Diaz's middle half of her body. Select this and you will be shown a 20 second montage of the girls which isnt shown anywhere else on the film...

2. On the second 'Special Features' menu, highlight the words 'Wired Angels' and press the left arrow on your remote control. This should highlight Bosleys (Bill Murray's) chest, press enter here to see some behind the scenes footage, including a look at Drew Barrymore in makeup.

3. The 3rd and final easteregg is hidden on the 3rd page of the 'Special Features' menu. To get your hands on this one select the arrow pointing left on the menu screen followed by the 'Right' arrow key on your remote control. Providing you have done this correctly it should highlight another box. There you will be able to see another behind the scenes clip featuring Sam Rockwell.

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