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Dark City was released as a part of New Line's Platinum Series for region one.  This has resulted in a movie with lots of extra features, but also a few of the hidden variety.  The first two are promotional but none-the-less interesting and probably much easier to find that the other.  The other one takes quite a bit of work to access but may be worth the trouble.

The first of these promotional extras can be found by visiting the "cast and crew" area and choosing William Hurt's filmography; on the sixth page there is a "star highlights" icon that can be clicked - click on it.  You will now see a two minute long clip of one of the most dramatic scenes from the movie, "Lost in Space."

Dark City
The second promotional extra is again another clip, but this time from a well know television series called, "Twin Peaks."  To access this clip, do exactly the same procedure as highlighted above except this time select "Kiefer Sutherland" and go to the forth page.  As before, you will be able to highlight an icon and click on it to view the two minute long clip.

Finally we have the most complex hidden feature; to get to this feature you are supposed to solve a series of clues by finding the appropriate areas of the menus and selecting the correct images.  Carrying out these procedures can take a few minutes and they must be achieved in the order that they are stated here, otherwise the hidden feature will not be accessible.  If you make a mistake carrying out this procedure then in order to start again, the disc has to be ejected and then started.

Dark City
Well the easiest bit is to visit the page with the first clue, to do this go to the "to shell beach..." area located in the "special features" menu.  You don't do anything here but if you do not visit this page first then you won't see the hidden feature.  Okay, a "bloody knife" is required by the clue; this knife can be found by going to Kiefer Sutherland’s filmography, it is on the first page, click on it; for instructions on how to access this area, read the paragraph above that refers to the "Twin Peaks" clip.  Once you arrive here, a second clue is presented.

The second clue is in need of the "Doctor's Card" - an important element of the movie.  The card image is accessible by returning to the "special features" menu and selecting "neil gaiman on dark city."  The card is again on the first page - slightly to the right from the centre.  Click on that to read the next clue.  To aid our journey to "Shell Beach" a picture of it is in order, so basically we need a postcard.  To find the postcard navigate the menus to "metropolis comparison" - located in the "special features" menu.  Choose "original weekly variety review" from the resultant menu and click on the postcard on the forth page.

Dark City
Next up is something to help look into the past, a souvenir.  Again this requires that you move back to the "special features" menu.  From here you need to select the "cast and crew" option and select the "more" in the resulting menu to see the "crew" variation.  Choose "Trevor Jones" and keep clicking through his area until you get to the tenth page where the souvenir can be found - click on it.

If we read the next clue you will notice that the thing that initiates the tuning needs to be selected, the clock.  The clock is in William Hurt's filmography.  To navigate there, return to the "special features" menu and select "cast and crew", then select "William Hurt." The clock can be found on the eighth page, click on it to see the final clue.  To complete the procedure, the all-important syringe has to found.  Return to the "special features" menu and select "set designs," proceed to click through this area until you reach the seventh page.  Click on the syringe and the hidden feature, a short animation, is reveled.

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