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To get your hands on lots of hidden features on Disneys Dinosaur SE disc, then follow these instructions:

1. Firstly, make sure you have inserted the 2nd disc (features disc). From the main menu, firstly select 'Development'. On the screen that opens there is a small window with a T-Rex fossil within it. Highlight the fossil using your remote control, and select it, to view some archive footage.

2. For the second hidden feature, from the main menu select 'Production Process'. Hopefully you should see the same fossil that you saw in the above easter it to see how Disney made some animatronic dinosaurs.

3. The 3rd and final easter egg can be found again via the main menu. This time select 'Creating the Characters'. Again you should see the T-Rex fossil, which you can select by pressing 'right' on your remote control, followed by 'enter'. This will display some outtakes of when things didnt go according to plan in the animation sequences!

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