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The Dodgeball disc contains a stack of easter eggs for you to enjoy. Here they are:

Thurber featurette
To view a featurette on director Rawson Marshall Thurber, go to the 'Languages' screen and press left when you're on the word 'English'. An average Joe's logo will come up, and all you have to do is press enter to view the piece.

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
White Goodman Piece
To view a TV screen featuring White Goodman hamming it up go to the 'Special Features' menu, select the 'Alternate Ending' then press right on your remote to highlight the snake on the front of Fran's outfit. Press enter to view the egg.

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
To view a really short clip of fat White Goodman calling you a nerd, go to the 'Special Features' menu, then press enter on the featurettes, go to the second page, and press right on your remote when you're on the 'Special Features' button. It's only a short clip but that's how you get there.

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
Extended Scene
To view an extended scene from the bar, go to the 'Special Features' menu, highlight 'Deleted Scenes' then press left. A ball will appear in Justin Long's hands, so press enter to view the scene.

Commentary Track One
Still in the 'Special Features' menu, highlight 'Resume Film' then press right or down to highlight the cobra on the right. Go there to find an alternate commentary with Thurber, Vaughn and Stiller, which is a lot more serious than the one you can easily find on the disc.

Commmentary Track Two
The second secret commentary is with Thurber again and can be found by going into the 'Commentary' section of the special features, highlighting the 'Commentary' option and pressing right on your remote. White Goodman's teeth have a little sparkle, which takes you to the commentary.

Bikini Girls & Justin Long
To find a short clip of Justing Long messing around with the bikini-clad car wash girls, go to the 'Featurettes' page and highlight the word 'Featurettes'. Two little pictures of girls will appear either side, and pressing enter will take you to the clip.

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