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The Donnie Darko disc is packed with features relating to various apsects of the movie.  As well as that there are also three hidden features that can be accessed by following these instructions. First start by going to the Special Features menu.

Donnie Darko
The first can be accessed by clicking on the "Philosophy of Time Travel" link on the "Special Features" page. Once on this page, progress through the section until you find the page shown above. Instead of pressing right to go to the next page, press up to highlight the the circle in the middle and press the button. You'll now be presented with a deleted scene featuring Kitty Farmer and Karen Pomeroy.

Donnie Darko
Second hidden feature can be accessed in the same place as above, but this time turn one more page to the right to get the menu shown above. Again, press up instead of right and select the highlighted arrow. This time you'll get the full theatrical trailer for Donnie Darko. It does go on for ages and isn't that high of a resolution but still worth seeing.

Donnie Darko
And finally, get out of the "Philosophy of Time Travel" back to the "Special Features" menu.  This time clicking on the "Cunning Visions" link.  Doing so will present you with the above menu.  Go down to the "Special Features" link on that page and then press "Right" and as shown above, something else will be selected. Clicking on this will give you access to the "Website Gallery" area. Enjoy.

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