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Metrodome’s region two edition of Donnie Darko contains a number of hidden extras. Here’s how to find them: On the main menu, highlight the ‘Special Features’ option, then press right on your remote. Frank’s eye will glow and you’ll be treated to the first of four deleted scenes.

After the scene has played through once, it will be repeated with commentary from director Richard Kelly. At some point during this commentary a white rabbit head will appear on screen. At this point press enter on your remote control to view another deleted scene.

Donnie Darko
To access the third and fourth deleted scenes, simply head on over to the ‘Special Features’ menu, then select the ‘Commentaries and Subtitles’ option. Once inside that menu, highlight the ‘Spanish Subtitles’ option and press right. Jim Cunningham’s eye will glow and you can view the third scene, once again repeated with commentary. Simply press enter on your remote when the white rabbit head appears to view the forth deleted scene.

Donnie Darko

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