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Insert the second disc of the set and head to the 'Deleted Scenes' menu. Once there, highlight the arrow pointing right and press the up button on your remote. A blood shaped splatter will appear. Press enter on the remote to watch a clip of Ronny Yu and friends discussing an alternate ending.

Freddy vs. Jason
To find the second egg, head back to the ‘Main Menu’. Now select 'The Production' submenu, and once you’re there press right on your remote. This should highlight four slashes. Press enter on your remote to watch a six-minute 'Cabin Fever' featurette, which focuses on Kelly Rowland’s battle with Jason in the cabin.

Freddy vs. Jason
The third and final egg can also be found in ‘The Production' menu. Select the 'Visual Effects Featurettes' submenu and, on the following screen, press right on your remote to highlight four slashes. Press enter to watch two 'Pre-Vis Fight Scenes' entitled 'Put the Dog to Sleep' and 'Man the Torpedoes'. These pre-vis sequences are crude computer generated storyboards of the finished fight scenes between Freddy and Jason.

Freddy vs. Jason

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