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To get your hands on a variety of hidden features on the Godfather Collection, follow these instructions:

Firstly, here's how to find a clip from The Soprano's. Insert the fifth disc of the set, and from the main menu, select Galleries. From the next screen, select DVD Credits. Keep clicking the right arrow till you have viewed all the credits and the clip should play.

To find a James Caan screentest, follow these instructions. Firstly go to the Family Tree section, and select 'Sonny' - The Family Tree of Santino Corleone. From the next screen select Sonny again, which will take you to James Caan's biography. Highlight the picture of James Caan and select to view the biography. Finally, highlight the portrait of him on the left hand side and press enter on your remote control. The screentest should now play.

For the next feature you need to highlight the Setup option on the main menu. Press right on your remote control, and a large globe should be highlighted. Select this for an amusing set of clips in different languages from all three films.

To listen to Mario Puzo explaing why he wrote The Godfather, head to the Filmmakers section and select Mario Puzo's biography. Once there, press left twice on your remote control and a large dollar sign will apear. Press enter to listen to the clip.

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