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Insert the second disc and select the 'Data Console' option. On the next menu screen, highlight the 'Main Menu' entry and then press right on your remote. A red LED will light up on the computer, so press enter to select it. The alien ship will start hover in the background, and the computer will display the message 'Access: 7-4-Enter'. Now select 'Main Menu' to go back to the main title screen. Once there press 7, 4 and enter on your remote. You will then enter the alien craft!

Inside the alien ship you are presented with a hidden menu with two options: 'Combat Review' and 'Monitor Earth Broadcasts'. The first menu allows you to view many of the combat sequences from the movie, and the second gives you access to the full-length versions of the news segments that appear throughout the film.

Note: Entering the code can be quite tricky. Some machines require you to use the 10+ button followed by 7 and 4. Others need you to press the 10+ button 7 times followed by 4. Refer to the section on chapter selection in your player's manual for further help.

Alternatively, these features can also be accessed directly by selecting either title 11 or title 35 from your remote.

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