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To get your hands on a few rants by a talking parrot on the Scary Movie 2 disc, simply follow these instructions:

1. For the first Parrot rant, goto the 'Bonus Material' menu. From here, highlight the 'Main Menu' option and press 'down' on your remote control. This should highlight a red cat. Select this to view the first rant.

2. For the second one, head to the 'Setup' menu. Goto the 'Captions and Subtitles' menu and then highlight the 'Spanish' selection. Now press 'right' on your remote control to highlight the red cat again. Select this to view the second rant from the parrot.

3. Finally, for the last egg head to the 'Sneak Peeks' menu. Scroll through the movie titles until you reach the 'Scream Trilogy'. Press 'left' on your remote control now, and the red cat will again appear. Select this to view the final rant by the parrot.

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