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Snatch contains some nifty hidden features, such as ringtones for your mobile. To get your hands on the hidden features, simply follow these instructions:

1. Firstly, make sure you have inserted the second disk which contains the extra features. From the main menu, highlight the 'Making Of' featurette down the bottom. Do not select this, instead push 'up' twice on your remote control. This will highlight a hidden musical note. Selecting this will give you the keys to push in on a Nokia phone to make Mike Reid's characters theme tune.

2. The second hidden feature can be found using the same technique. Again highlight the 'Making Of' featurette, but this time, instead of pushing up twice, push up 3 times. This will highlight a '£' symbol. Select this to be shown all the 'on set' fines imposed by Guy Richie on his film crew!

3. Again on the 2nd disc, this time move to the second Special Features menu. Highlight 'B-Roll' on the menu, again do not select it. Instead, push 'up' twice on your remote control which should highlight a '!'. Click this and you will be asked if you are easily offended. Pushing 'No' will play a little montage of all the best bits of action and swearing throughout the film. Pushing 'Yes' will play the same thing, but with all swear words bleeped out. Personally, I found it more laughable with the swear words bleeped out!

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