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DVD has emerged as a collector's medium, with consumers jumping on board to experience the vastly superior audio and video quality, the film-school extras and the attractive packaging. One feature of DVD that goes largely un-praised is the ability to jump to a particular scene in the movie. With this feature we can view our favourite scenes over and over and over again; the scenes that provide a laugh-out-loud moment, the scenes that are stolen by a particular character or the scenes that bring us to an emotional point in the story. We know them well. I call them the Golden Scenes.

Don't ask me why I started at nine………

9) Jerry Maguire: Jonathon Lipnicki

Ok, this might not qualify as a single Golden Scene, more like a Golden Package. This little fella is one of the funniest little things in this movie and totally steals the show in every scene he appears in. Whilst he's now grown up and not so cute any more, his role in Jerry Maguire is hysterical, and one I will keep flicking back to once I get my hands on the DVD. The best is his little dialogue with Jerry in the car, boasting that he knows "bees and dogs can smell fear". Golden.

8) Ferris Bueller's Day Off: Float Away

When I was a kid, I wanted to be Ferris Bueller. Popular at school, overwhelmingly confident and boyfriend to the delectable Mia Sara. The film is practically golden the whole way through, but there is nothing better than Ferris' impromptu renditions of Danke Schoen and Twist & Shout on the parade float. What I wouldn't give to be able to rock the house by casually strolling up and grabbing the microphone. Maybe not the most believable of circumstances but it's wonderful to be able to dream.

Bad hair day

7) The Thomas Crown Affair (1999): Bowler Hats

The first movie was a corker, while the remake proved to be one of the better second efforts of recent times. Brosnan does his impression of "not quite James Bond" and Rene Russo shows she's still got it, especially in a dress that miraculously becomes transparent half-way through a scene. The Golden moment in this little gem involves an ingenious plan by Thomas Crown to dupe the authorities while he steals another painting (or does he?). Bowler hats and briefcases follow as a posse of businessmen blend into each other, allowing for Crown to hopefully sneak around amongst the panic. What lifts this scene into Golden Status is the wonderful choice of the Nina Simone song, Sinner Man, in the soundtrack. While I'm not a fan of his music at all, this little gem is the perfect choice to accentuate the lighthearted and charismatic nature of Mr.Crown. Definitely a "jump-to" scene if I've ever seen one. I must have watched it twenty times already and I'm still not tired of it.

"Bond.....I mean Crown, Thomas Crown"

6) The Green Mile; Hot Coffey

One of my favourite actors, Tom Hanks, does it again in this truly awesome film. Michael Clark Duncan's effort as John Coffey is superb and holds up a place in Golden Scenes history. The scene involves Coffey being sent to the electric chair and the overwhelming emotion that follows. I won't spoil it for those unlucky few who are yet to see the film, but this scene had me reaching for the tissue box, a rare occasion for a young man like myself. Hanks and the underrated David Morse make me wanna just go in and give them a big hug, the look so emotional. Absolutely one of the most emotional scenes I've witnessed and one that benefits from the DVD format. Stunning. See it now or I will personally come over to your house, tape your eyes open and make you watch it. On DVD of course.

Hot Coffey anyone?

5) Scent Of A Woman; Charlie & The Colonel

This one's easy. Most of you should know it. The blind Colonel surprises Charlie by turning up at his school, defending him for having "integrity and courage". What makes this a Golden Scene is, of course, Al Pacino. He was born to play these sorts of roles and there is no one on earth who could have done it better. The timing is perfect, his delivery is perfect and the acoustics of the assembly hall add another dimension to a scene which tears absolute strips of the rest of the film. If you haven't seen it already, watch it; if only for the good ol' "Hoo-ha" when the Principal delivers his verdict. If you have seen it before, watch it again. I'm positive it will still be as memorable.

4) Clue: Ending the Mayhem

Tim Curry is this movie. Had it not been for someone like him playing the role of the Butler, the movie version of the famous board game would've fallen flat on its face. The ending, or actually endings, in this film are played to perfection. The dialogue is written well and performed perfectly, with Curry being the bouncing board for the rest of the cast members. Close your eyes and ears (if you can close your ears) for one second and you'll miss the witty rapport and fast-paced explanation of the murder mystery. Not for one second can you see a hole in the scene where the performance diminishes in energy. The whole film is a slick little package that moves along nicely, but the endings provide the Golden punch that had been missing from the rest of the package. Dig this one up as soon as you can.

3) The Boondock Saints: Told You We Needed the Rope

This film has to be the biggest relatively "unknown" flick going around. An absolute gem that slipped by without the deserving praise, the film carries many almost Golden moments but definitely one of my top five Golden scenes in this little package. I Haven't seen this scene for a while yet it still makes me want to watch it over and over again just for the gunfight. Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flannery are seeking justice by killing of mob bosses around the city and stock up on an array of weapons to do their latest target in. What follows as they fall through the ventilation shaft is like the Jackie Chan version of a gunfight, made more humorous by a length of rope they almost didn't bring with them. The fight scenes in the film work in a kind of reverse order, seeing the aftermath before we see the fight. This method works beautifully for this Golden Scene, imbedded among a bit of a Golden sleeper.

2) The Usual Suspects: The Truth At Last

For those of you who have seen the film, there's no denying the fact that you've been privileged to have seen such a clever, appropriate and mind-boggling ending to a film so far. Even Director Bryan Singer didn't know what he was going to do with the ending when the shoot started, only saying that he knew he was "going to do something special". And he did. Watch this film, either for the first time or again. You'll see one of the most Golden Scenes in film history. I won't give away what happens, but it is great to see a movie that is so creative it calls for repeat viewings almost as soon as it ends. The cast is brilliant, the writing is brilliant, and this Golden Scene tops off my favourite film of all time. Watch it or I will cry.

The number one spot remains reserved for a scene that is out there somewhere, but is either yet to be made or I have not yet set my eyes on it. Maybe I never will.

So there you are. The first instalment of the Golden Scenes saga. There are more. Oh yes, there are more. And I'm sure you've all got your own. Feel free to email me at with your suggestions and maybe they'll make it into the next batch. But for now, go grab these flicks and use the wonderful feature of DVD that allows you to jump straight to the Golden Scenes. I will return.....

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