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THE TEN Movie Teams That I Want To Join.
Over the last months there’s been a little bit of a comeback for movie teams. G.I. Joe brought back memories of comic book groups of experts brought together to get the job done and [/i]Inglorious Basterds[/i] reminded me just how much I love a group of misfits banding together to achieve their goals. So for this month’s


I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite movie teams that I’d like to be a member of.

THE TEN Movie Teams That I Want To Join.
’Suck in the guts guys, we’re the Ghostbusters!’

Let’s start with a movie team that I’ve loved since forever. The Ghostbusters, Ray, Egon, Peter and Winston are a group of ‘experts‘ who after losing their meal ticket at their university fall into a bit of self employment in a field that’s all their own—ghost busting.

Armed with proton packs on their backs and the Tobins Spirit Guide to let them know about the weird and wonderful Spirits, Demons and Gods they may face, this group represent teams that I love in movies, teams that are taking a bit of chance with something way beyond them but against all the odds become a team you just want to see succeed, especially when it comes to fighting a Marshmallow Man or a Warlord stuck in a painting.

The Ghostbusters are a team that I just want to go on more adventures with. With only two outings under their belts (though it has to be said I loved the animated TV show and had plenty of fun actually being a Ghostbuster in the recent game) the Ghostbusters are a team who are just fun to be around and with the promise of another movie on the way, (though seemingly with a new team being introduced and the existing Ghostbusters taking lesser roles) I can’t wait to watch as they strap on those proton packs and go after them spirits for another round.

Uniform: A beige onesy and a proton pack.

THE TEN Movie Teams That I Want To Join.
THE TEN Movie Teams That I Want To Join.
’The bottom line is you've been spending a lot of time with this lady, Ron. You're a member of the Channel Four News Team’

The seventies San Diego news team that lived like Gods amongst men,  Brian Fantana, Champion ‘Champ’ Kind, Brick Tamland, and of course their lead anchorman Ron Burgundy provide one of the greatest teams ever to grace our movie screens. With their manly attitude towards the world around them, each member brings something all of their own to the team's dynamic. Fantana brings the charm, Champ brings the attitude, Brick brings, well, a grenade, and Ron brings all of that and more.

Even with the arrival of Veronica Corningstone to the team causing a bit of disturbance in the news room, the Channel Four News Team overcome the limitations of having a woman on the team and carry on delivering the news to the San Diego-ans in ways that only they can. You stay classy San Diego”

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy is a movie team that I just can’t get enough of. With classic line after classic line thrown at us by a cast that feels absolutely on the ball, the Channel Four News Team are just a bunch that I want to see plenty more of. We had a nice chunk of new/alternative stuff in the Wake Up with Ron Burgundy lost movie but with an ongoing rumour that a sequel set in the eighties is being toyed with, I can only hope that we get to see the might of San Diego’s finest news team grace our screens again.

Uniform: A fantastic suit.

THE TEN Movie Teams That I Want To Join.
THE TEN Movie Teams That I Want To Join.
’You'd need at least a dozen guys doing a combination of cons.’

Danny Ocean’s team of crooks have provided us with the infinitely cool side of movie teams. Taking down casinos, jewel thieves or businessmen, Ocean's band of men bring together a great cast of characters that thankfully Steven Soderbergh allows us to have plenty of fun with.

After enjoying the hell out of Ocean's Eleven and loving the interactions with the team much more than most generic Casino robbery movies, I was more than happy with the change of pace when Ocean's Twelve opted for more of a character based outing than a slick second robbery (I know I’m in the minority on this one). Allowing the characters to simply hang out with each other in Amsterdam and have oodles of fun around things like how old the team think Danny is, Linus's attempt to have a bigger part in the planning of the robbery and even Rusty's playfulness with his ex lover/detective Isabel was just a joy and as with all good team movies, watching these guys win in the end was a great tie up with the much under loved middle chapter.

In Oceans Thirteen, which combined the grand heist from Eleven and the character interactions from Twelve, took proceedings into even wilder and wackier directions. More costumes, more crazy tech and an even more complicated plan (which for the most part was easier to zone out to and just go with than trying to understand) all while keeping their cool. Ocean’s team of crooks just make you wish you were cool enough to join and judging by how little some of the members have to do in some of the heists, I’m sure they could find something for me to do.

Uniform: A good suit and a good disguise.

THE TEN Movie Teams That I Want To Join.
THE TEN Movie Teams That I Want To Join.
’I think your Team Zissou ring might've caught me on the lip.’

Now Team Zissou are a team I totally want to join, if only to get the uniform, which consists of the light blue t-shirt and the red beenie hat. Hell I’d even just be an intern and we all know how badly they’re treated by the captain.

Travelling the seas in the Belafonte and documenting the adventures above and below the ocean, Team Zissou are a bunch that are losing their credibility, mainly due to their leader Steve Zissou losing his love of the job. However with members like Ned Plimpton, Klaus Daimler and of course Zissou himself on board, this team is one that never has a moment that wouldn’t be great to share. Whether it be the aboard the little yellow submarine for under water adventures with the weird and wonderful sea life, watching Zissou have shoot outs with pirates, having run ins with Alistair Hennessey or venturing out to places like Ping Island, Team Zissou is a great team to be in, even if it’s only for the parties with Seu Jorge doing Bowie covers.

Uniform: A baby blue top and a bright red beenie hat

THE TEN Movie Teams That I Want To Join.
THE TEN Movie Teams That I Want To Join.
’These people are here to protect you. They're soldiers.’

Now this band of marines is a team that totally caught my imagination as a teenager. It was always fun playing as them in games or reading about them in comic books but nothing ever caught the greatness of Lieutenant Gorman’s team who touched down on Alien infested LV-426 to investigate a missing colony in James Cameron's Aliens.

James Cameron took what are usually cannon fodder grunts in the genre and fleshed them out with personalities that make you invested enough to want to stick with them. When they wake up aboard the Sulaco, we are introduced to these marines as quite typical movie army guys. Masculine, smart mouthed, not taking the potentially horrific nature of the mission seriously, but slowly and surely these characters begin to shine. Kicks showing a more sensitive side, Hudson proving to be one funny dude and Bishop, the android who you’re not quite sure about after Ripley’s last mission all bring something to warm you to the team but it’s when the Colonial Marines hit LV-426 that the movie geek in me makes me want to sign up.

For a start, what guy watching Aliens in their teens didn’t want a Pulse Rifle? Just the sound those things make is enough to make me smile. Who didn’t want to ride around in an APC or take a plummet in a drop ship? And when you put all of this up against one of the greatest monsters in movie history you have a team that begs for your attendance (on the proviso that you survive of course—in a very, very realistic Alien War type affair).

Uniform: Army gear and a pulse rifle

THE TEN Movie Teams That I Want To Join.
THE TEN Movie Teams That I Want To Join.
 ‘In the absence of light, darkness prevails. There are things that go bump in the night, Agent Myers. Make no mistake about that. And we are the ones who bump back.’

Everything about this secret federal agency in Guillermo del Toro‘s two Hellboy movies makes me want to join up. Not so much for the adventures that Hellboy, Abe Sapien and co. have outside of these concrete walls, but just for the stuff that goes on within them. I mean who doesn’t want to hang out with a bunch of monsters, demons, and George Bluth? (OK, not exactly George Bluth, Jeffrey Tambor plays Tom Manning in the movies, but you get the idea).

In the first Hellboy we’re introduced to Hellboy‘s living quarters, filled with trinkets and kittens and get glimpses of the library and a few other locations, but in Hellboy II, we actually get to hang out in the base for a while and it looks like a great place to work. Watching all the agents getting up to stuff, whether it be Hellboy‘s bickering with Johann Krauss by the lockers, seeing the weird and wonderful creatures they‘ve brought in, or just getting drunk and singing love songs in front of the fire with Hellboy and Abe. Sign me up for the BPRD, I don‘t have to be an agent or anything, I‘ll just do the filing.

Uniform: If you're not a monster of any kind, just a suit will do.

THE TEN Movie Teams That I Want To Join.
THE TEN Movie Teams That I Want To Join.
’This Bellini is starting to look like a real Kapuchnik.’

Now this team of crooks are so inept, they don’t even have a team name, but damn it I still want to join. For however much I enjoy the smoothness of Danny Ocean's team (who know what they're doing), it’s the team in Welcome to Collinwood that I really want to be a member of.

Using the information provided by imprisoned and tricked Cosimo, the team come together to pull off the greatest crime of their lives (a Bellini), which involves cracking a safe in an empty house. Sort of led by Pero (though I’m sure every other member would claim to be the leader of team), this misfit bunch of crooks are constantly having new hurdles to get over. Members falling in love and wanting to be better people, a detective who knows they’re up to something and an empty apartment that suddenly isn’t all that empty.

I’d happily just hang out with this team. Getting ‘How to Crack a Safe‘ lessons from Jerzy (played by George Clooney—one of my favourite roles of his), casing the joint with Pero and just sitting back and watching the arguments kick off with the rest of the team would just be as fun as watching the movie itself. Sign me up and I’ll work out how to get the five hundred bucks for Jerzy.

Uniform: Whatever you can afford

THE TEN Movie Teams That I Want To Join.
THE TEN Movie Teams That I Want To Join.
’Remember, there is no ‘I’ in ‘Team America’

Taking it to the terrorists has never been so much fun. Team America is a team who get the job done no matter the circumstances. They live hard, they play hard and the world is going to stay a safer place because of it.

With a base inside Mount Rushmore, this team of experts get their information from the super computer I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E. and race straight off to prevent terrorism from rearing its ugly head. Shooting first and asking question later (if at all) Team America is a team that makes me laugh more than they impress with their skills. With South Park creators Matt and Trey's comedy being something that always guarantees serious amounts of laughs with me and taking a fair swing at Michael Bay-esq action set ups, Team America really are a team that I could hang out with all day just to see what the hell they get up to next and whether it’s corrupt world leaders or actors who become their next targets.

Uniform : Combat trousers, silver jacket, American flag

THE TEN Movie Teams That I Want To Join.
THE TEN Movie Teams That I Want To Join.
’These guys are trained to be ghosts... we taught them to do it for Christ's sake.’

When talking about movies teams, you can’t really go too far without mentioning the Impossible Mission Force because the Mission Impossible set up from the TV shows really set the benchmark for teams of specialists coming together to get the job done.  

Movie-wise, the Mission Impossible franchise continued this tradition on, showing off weird and wonderful tech, with equally insane missions for the crew to carry out. All led by Ethan Hunt who brings together a specially selected team to pull off the craziest of missions, along the lines of breaking into the Vatican, or totally sealed rooms in the CIA or parachuting from high rise to high rise in Shanghai.

Mission Impossible is probably the ultimate team experience, even if it isn’t my favourite. I.M.F. has it all. Disguises, tech, planning, completing the impossible and getting the job done. The only apparent down side is that you literally can’t trust anyone because seemingly everyone is a double agent.

Uniform: Depends on the mission but bring plenty of disguises.

THE TEN Movie Teams That I Want To Join.
THE TEN Movie Teams That I Want To Join.
’Goonies never say die!’

When I was a kid, this was the team I wanted to join. These kids were fun and when discovering the map for One-Eyed Willy’s treasure, they became adventurers, without coming off as too Disney-fied safe. On top of that these kids had to deal with the crime family, the Fratellis, who are hot on their trail and the many booby traps that Willy has set to stop people getting to his treasure.

What with the combination of Chunk, Mouth, Data and Mikey as well as Mikey’s older brother Brandon, a couple of older girls from his school and of course the only good Fratelli, Sloth, this team is many a kids dream team to join and when they succeed in their quest and save their families home from the evil eighties business tycoons, they just capture everything there is to love about movie teams.

Uniform: Anything really, but Superman t-shirts seem to go down well for new members.

THE TEN Movie Teams That I Want To Join.
So, there you have it—some of my favourite movie teams, all with their fair share of reasons to join up. If you have any more you want to share leave your comments below and join in the fun.

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