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Here's the link to the European DVD cover art for Kong
Thx,for the info.
All I know is that they parted ways because of 'creative differences'. Maybe what Howard Shore composed wasn't tonally what Peter Jackson had in mind. I can't believe Shore did a poor job or that there was a bust up over it. Hopefully it was a mutual parting of the ways for this film, an agreement to disagree, and not an end to their future working relationship.

Can anyone else elaborate on that?
I havnt heard anything between Jackson and shore? Could someone fill me in?

Thanks in advance.
It's pity if that chapter has been dropped/erased as it was still a part of the creative process, however painful it might have been for Jackson and Shore to part ways. I hope there is some mention of the problems and what transpired during the post process.
Maybe someones ego was hurt and was threating a law suit. That's "EggoWood" I mean "Hollywood"
And of course note the missing production diary 77 where they discuss the progress Howard Shore is making with the music
Here's the rummored list of extras, taken from

Well... it seems that the German equivalent of the MPAA (the FSK) has just rated some of the extras on Disc Two of Universal's forthcoming King Kong: Special Edition (street date TBA, but believed to be 3/28). It looks like the set will pick up right where King Kong: Peter Jackson's Production Diaries left off. Here's some of what you can expect...

Credits, Introduction by Peter Jackson, Kong's New York 1933, Natural History of Skull Island, Prod. Diary 55: Welcome to Postproduction, Prod. Diary 57: Kong Performance Capture, Prod. Diary 56: The Miniature Venture, Prod. Diary 58: Creating Sound Effects, Prod. Diary 59: A Visit to Editorial Department, Prod. Diary 60: Peter Answers Your Questions, Part 1, Prod. Diary 61: The Miniature Second Unit, Prod. Diary 62: Building a Miniature, Prod. Diary 63: Weta Digital Overview, Prod. Diary 64: Creating the Teaser Trailer, Prod. Diary 65: Sound Design, Prod. Diary 66: Shooting Additional Elements, Prod. Diary 67: Preparing for Pick Up Shooting, Prod. Diary 68: Pick Ups - The Cast Returns, Prod. Diary 69: Pick Ups - The Venture Extras, Prod. Diary 70: Pick Ups - Continuity, Prod. Diary 71: Pick Ups - The Wrap, Prod. Diary 73: Detailing the Miniatures, Prod. Diary 74: The Unsung Heroes of Rotoscoping, Prod. Diary 75: Foley Recording, Prod. Diary 76: Digital Doubles, Prod. Diary 78: Digital Color Grading, Prod. Diary 79: Motion Editing, Prod. Diary 80: Bringing Kong to Life - Animation, Prod. Diary 81: Filming the Miniatures, Prod. Diary 82: Kong Visits New Zealand, Prod. Diary 83: Mixing Dialogue, Music & Effects, Prod. Diary 84: The Mixing Board, Prod. Diary 85: The Music of Kong, Part 1, Prod. Diary 86: The Music of Kong, Part 2, Prod. Diary 87: Delivering the Film, Prod. Diary 88: Peter Answers Your Questions, Part 2, Prod. Diary 89: The World Premiere, Prod. Diary 90: The New Zealand Premiere, See More of NYC in 'Wish You Were Here' and Touareg & King Kong (the VW Spot).

The link here...
The first weekend it was 85%. The following weekend it was 65% (in most markets) after the third weekend it droped to 45% to keep screens durring the New Years weekend. I know I have been harping on "KK" but I knew it would get people to  discuss various subjects about movies.
that tin is nothing new, all it contains is the 2 disk plaus the production diaries which is already available
Stanton, What was the distributor/exhibitor split?
They spent $60,000,000 marketing is usa and then $120,000,000  for the rest of the world
I disagree with your budget its way to high!
KIng Kong cost more than 207m.  By the time worldwide marketing cost is factor in it was $385 million.  So they have a long way to go.  No to mention Peter Jackson gets 20% of the first dollar brought in.  
That 4 Disc edition better be available over here or else....
Jonathan Bennett wrote: Mark, you finally win:
I need to find a hack for my Panasonic S47 R1 before April 12.

Just wondering, did you place your order for it yet? Just wanted to know the total it would be including shipping to the US before registering. Thanks
If this is official then why hasnt dvdanswers gottan any news?
Mark, you finally win:
I need to find a hack for my Panasonic S47 R1 before April 12.
It's official!! King Kong hit the streets on March 28th!
There is a one disc and two disc eition. This was reported on another dvd site, yesterday. As soon as I find out the specs, like I've done with Narnia, I'll post them here! Even the artwork, if I see it before this site does.
That's what I was thinking.  They'll look for dvd sales to make a dent in the figures because they gambled and lost out big!  They thought the movie would do LOTR numbers, but it came nowhere near them!  LOL
I love it when studio heads are made to look like idiots.
so out of touch with the public it's not even funny.
Adrian is right about Kong's budget!  With a production cost of 207 million it has recouped, as of yesterday the domestic box office from the film is $213,430,000 and foreign box office is estimaed around 309 million for a total worldwide box office gross of around $522,600,000.  The break even point for the picture would depend on the amount of money that was spent on production (the 207 million), the amount that was spent on prints of the movie and advertising (distribution costs), and the deals that were struck with the theaters that screened the movie.  The old rule of thumb used to be that a picture had to take in 3 dollars at the box office for every dollar spent in production.  That would mean that Kong would have to gross 621 million to break even.  The factors that could affect this would be a split with exhibitors that would favor the production company and distributor and, for a film like Kong, the amount that was made on ancillary and merchandising rights.  If I had to guess I would say that Kong probably won't break even until it hits dvd in March---but only the folks at the Dark Tower at Universal really know.
I can't imagine that there is a lot of filmed material that did not make it into the movie.  After all, Jackson took a 100 minute movie and turned it into a 3 hour movie.  Also, King Kong was prohibitively expensive at nearly $200 million and it has barely made its budget back in the US.  I can't see them spending extra money to complete special effects shots for an extended cut.
Think this will get the extended cut treatment ala Lord of The Rings?
I don't think it's a rumor. Almost all the major dvd websites have listed 28th March. Even, my dvd collection host.
From rumors, it is stated to be coming out March 28. But it's just a rumor so it can change anytime.
2005 version of "King Kong" DVD
Exactly when will the 2005 version of King Kong (w/Naomi Watts) be available on DVD from Universal Studios Home Video?