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2006 Best Movie && Dvd

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Best Movie: Date Movie
Best DVD: Date Movie

Just kidding, I could not decide on serious answers.
Best film: Tideland, Superman Returns
Best DVD: Superman Ultimate Collection (NOTE: 14-disc set!!), Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (Has some of the best extras ever created for a DVD. According to Plan is the most interesting documentary on the making of a film to date), The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe; Four-Disc Extended Edition Gift Set (A must have for Narnia fans and everyone else)
Best Movie "Praire Home Companion"!  Best DVD The Rodgers & Hammerstein Collection
My top 3 Best movie of 2006:

- The Departed
- Casino Royale
- The Nightmare Before Christmas (3D)

My top 3 Best DVD of 2006:

- Platoon - 20th Anniversary Edition - 2-Disc DVD Collector's Set
- Gojira
- Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - 2-Disc Special Edition
Best movie - Superman Returns
DVD - Superman ultimate collection, Da Vinci Code (R3 gift set), Walt Disney Legacy and Treasures many!
Best Film = Hostel
Best DVD = Cannibal Holocaust
Dustin wrote: I'm actually typing up a review of the Forbidden Planet SE right now. Given their record, I don't think any less of Warner Brothers for the Superman flubs. They do many a film right on DVD.

Overall, I completely agree with you. But what's with the extra's on "The Departed"? There's practically nothing at all. And the lack of commentary tracks on a lot of high profile releases is VERY disappointing. "V for Vendetta" 2-Disc comes to mind too.
I'm actually typing up a review of the Forbidden Planet SE right now. Given their record, I don't think any less of Warner Brothers for the Superman flubs. They do many a film right on DVD.
Movie: Monster House

DVD: Forbidden Planet: Ultimate Collector's Edition

Monster House was the most enjoyable experience all around that I had at the theatres this year, Casino Royale was next then Superman Returns. SR was the only movie that I saw twice but it needed more humour.I saw more movies this year than ever before but I found it to be a rather lackluster year, movie quality wise.

I would have chosen the Ultimate Superman Collection for best DVD if it wasn't for the disc errors.
Movie: V For Vendetta/The Departed
DVD: Kingdom of Heaven: DC (easily)
2006 movie - Little Miss Sunshine
DVD - Red Dwarf 8 or Arrested Development 3

I didn't see much this year, but Little Miss Sunshine was really the most memorable. Departed would fall a close second. As for Red Dwarf and Arrested Development, I just love the shows and extras.
BoBoi wrote: Best Movie: The Devil Wears Prada (esp. love Emily Blunt!)
You gotta be kidding me. The Devil Wears Prada was decent, but it's nothing compared to Babel, The Last King of Scotland, Little Miss Sunshine and Casino Royale.
as for the DVD...i say "Ultimate Edition Bonds" Happy
with more nomination, Kingdom of Heaven DC is Total Winner !!!!
best movie so far: Casino Royale
best dvd so far: Kingdom Of Heaven DC/Superman Ultimate  Collector’s Edition
best DVD : kingdom of heaven DC
best movie : ???
Best Movie: The Devil Wears Prada (esp. love Emily Blunt!), The Departed

Best DVD: Every LE I bought this year!
Best Film: Babel, followed by The Last King of Scotland and The Departed
Best DVD: Munich SE(beautiful packaging, 90 minutes worth of featurettes and great A/V quality)
Tony DeFrancisco wrote: Best Film: Tie between "Lil Miss Sunshine", "Borat", and "V For Vendetta" (note I have not seen "The Departed"Wink

Funny you mentioned all of those. I really liked them, and I know a lot of people that can't stop raving about em. But to me, I don't know, I felt simply underwhelmed. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed all of them and I'll definetly buy "Borat" when it comes out on DVD. But, I just felt that after all the hype surrounding these three they just didn't live up to it. I mean, when James L. Brooks says "I feel like I just heard 'Sgt. Peppers' for the first time" after seeing "Borat", how can you NOT ultimately be underwhelmed.

However, when it came to "The Departed", it was hyped to high heaven, I expected nothing but perfection, and it delivered on everything, and then some. Not only did it hit every dramatic beat with intensity and true feeling, but it was f**king funny. REALLY FUNNY. I've sen the flick 3 times in theaters and every single time the Elevator scene has my heart pounding through my chest. Not to mention the soundtrack, which, like in all Scorcese pictures, is simply incredible (and I give him a pass for reusing "Gimme Shelter" after Goodfellas just because it's the Stones). Wow, that went on waaaaaay to long. Anyways, just my 2.
Best Film: Tie between "Lil Miss Sunshine", "Borat", and "V For Vendetta" (note I have not seen "The Departed"Wink

Best DVD: I dont care much for extras nowadays, only movies.
Best Film: The Departed

Best DVD: Seven Samurai Criterion
best film: v for vendetta

Best dvd: Superman Ultimate Collection

Best Film: V for Vendetta

Best DVD: do know
2006 Best Movie && Dvd
For Movie Ill have to say I liked BORAT

&& Dvd Hmm...United 93 idk why but I liked the 2-disc