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20th Century Fox Numbered DVD's

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I resent that remark! That is a racist remark! You ma'am are a racist!

This is aboot diplomacy!

You guys are dicks.

Very Happy
This thread just reminded me of something...

Stan: Dude, if you collect Chinpokomon you can complete the Primary Main Objective.
Kyle: What's the Primary Main Objective?
Cartman: You don't even know what the Primary Main Objective is?
Stan: The Primary Main Objective is to destroy the Evil Power.
Kyle: Well. what's the Evil Power?
Stan: [exasperated] Ogh!
Cartman: [exasperated] Oh, my God! The identity of the Evil Power won't be revealed until all Chinpokomon are collected by a Royal Crown Chinpoko Master!
The Elektra DC is now going to be #22.
There was no racism implied in my comment. My point was that too many people have such a closed mind to anything outside the mainstream. This was not a case of racial ignorance as far as I am concerned. I see no reason to sell more movies "people have heard of", especially when they are a specialist company. Again, I agree the prices are high, and was not implying you were a racist, though commenting in a public forum about the ammount of Criterion's Asian out put being "ridicuously high", and assuming I was calling you a racist is cause for some concern.
Calm down, I wasn't making a racist comment.  I was trying to make the point that maybe their prices could be lower if they sold films that more people have heard of.  You don't have to be an ass and try to make me out to sound like a racist.
Have you ever considered that maybe there is a large number of fine Asian films? That maybe a film's country of orgin has nothing to do with its importance or value? That there are, perhaps, good movies out there you haven't heard of?

I'll agree that their prices could use some dropping. Without them though, I wouldn't have owned the original cut of Robocop years before its studio release, or the Brazil three disc set, or a two disc Videodrome set.
That's because Criterion is way overpriced and has over 300 titles.  That's why I have Royal Tenenbaums and nothing else.  There are only 21 Fox ones now and they are all above mediocre movies.  Also, has anyone noticed the number of Asian movies put out by Criterion is ridicuously high.  Out of the 300+ movies in Criterion, I've only heard of 50 or 75 of them.
Quote: Originally posted by Je Ff
Once you start collecting them, it's kind of fun.

i thought it was going to be fun with Criterion, it wasnt

on a side note i find it strange that Predator 2 isnt numbered considering it got the same treatment as the first
I have 9, 18 & 19. If you include the Alien Quadrilogy set though I also have 10, 11, 12, & 13.
Once you start collecting them, it's kind of fun.
- -
I don't like the fact that they've printed # on the side of their DVDs.  It looks awkward in my opinion.
1 - The Abyss
2 - Cast Away
3 - Independance Day
4 - Planet Of The Apes (New)
5 - Sound Of Music
6 - Moulin Rouge
7 - Die Hard
8 - There's Something (More) About Mary
9 - Fight Club
10 - Alien
11 - Aliens
12 - Alien 3
13 - Alien Ressurection
14 - Planet Of The Apes (Old)
15 - The Commitments
15 - Predator
17 - I, Robot
18 - Man On Fire
19 - Day After Tomorrow
20 - The Fly
21 - The Fly 2

Both The Commitments and Predator have a 15 on the side for some reason.  It sounds wrong, but it is accurate.  Also, 6 & 8 are correct, but the numbers don't appear on the cases.
Tried that on but no such list.
I don't know for sure, but I was thinking 20th Century Fox might have it on their website.
20th Century Fox Numbered DVD's
I was wondering if there is a site that has a list of the 20th Century Fox DVD's that are numbered. Like Predator is #15 (look on side of box) , also Man on Fire is 18 . Just looking for the list because it would be nice to get the movies in numerical order.