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Without IMDb, can't. Here's me on IMDb.

Miriam Hopkins was in The Chase with Angie Dickinson
who was in Ocean's Eleven with Julia Roberts
who is in the upcoming Charlotte's Web with Dakota Fanning
whos in Nine Lives with Molly Parker

so it is actually four degrees (that I thought of)
Tony DeFrancisco wrote: SCORE!

Try it though now, without IMDb. It should be exactly 6º. Don't worry, no one will ever take away your "Score!".

I thought I had you all...

I had thought of a much different path with more well known movies (for Fairbanks). Oh well.
Cheddar J. Cheese wrote: Kirsten Dunst in "Wimbledon" with Paul Bettany
Paul Bettany in "The Da Vinci Code" with Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks in "Cast Away" with Chris Noth
Chris Noth on "Law and Order" with Nick Damici

Douglas Fairbanks Jr and Steve Carell

And for an extra challenge, no IMDB Wink
idk about TV shows, but that one was difficult so Ill give you that one... and yes I'm using IMDb this ones too hard.

Doug Fairbanks was in Strong Medicine w/ Dick Van Dyke
who was in Curious George w/ Will Ferrell
who was in Anchorman w/ Steve Carrel

Miriam Hopkins and Molly Parker. this one's a toughy
Kirsten Dunst in "Wimbledon" with Paul Bettany
Paul Bettany in "The Da Vinci Code" with Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks in "Cast Away" with Chris Noth
Chris Noth on "Law and Order" with Nick Damici

Douglas Fairbanks Jr and Steve Carell

And for an extra challenge, no IMDB Wink
Dakota Fanning was in Dreamer with Kurt Russell
who was in Posedion with Emmy Rossum
who was in Day After Tomorrow with Jake Gyllenhaal

Kirsten Dunst/Nick Damici
Adam Sandler was in Click with Christopher Walken
who was in the Stepford Wives with Glenn Close
who was in The Chumscrubber with Camilla Belle

Jake Gyllenhall / Dakota Fanning
Lets see... Adam Sandler/Camilla Bell
Damn! I didn't even think about mine before I wrote it.  I just picked 2 random actors.
Matt Damon in "Saving Private Ryan" with Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks in "The Da Vinci Code" with Audrey Tautou

I can't think of one now, I'll rhink of one later. Someone else can go.
Ziyi Zhang was in Rush Hour 2 with Chris Tucker
who was in Jackie Brown with Robert DeNiro
who was in Meet The Parents with Ben Stiller
who was in Along Came Polly with Jennifer Aniston
who was in The Good Girl with Jake Gyllenhall
who was in The Day After Tomorrow with Dennis Quaid
who was in The Alamo with Emilio Echevarria.

is that 6...i dont know if were counting the first one.

whatever....Matt Damon / Audrey Tautou
Make it challenging... we can sure do that!

Ziyi Zhang/Emilio Echevarría
Yes this is silly.

Monty Clift was in Young Lions with Brando
who was in Missouri Breaks with Nicholson
who was in Anger Management with Sandler.

Can anyone make this challenging? Or worthwhile. Or both.
You guys should expand it to crew-members (more specifically set interns) as well and not just actors...  Wink

That way you can start playing the game with some really cool people.
Ok. May not be the quickest route but here goes.

Elvis was in The trouble with Girls with Vincent Price

who was in Ed Scissorhands with J Depp

who was in Donnie Brasco with Al Pacino

who was in Heat with DeNiro.

And yes, I had to use the IMDB. That was a tough one. For me anyway.

Montgomery Clift/Adam Sandler
That's too easy a route. Try again? It involves 3 other actors.

I'm working on the Elvis/DeNiro.
Anthony Hopkins was in Mission: Impossible II with Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise was in Mission: Impossible III with Billy Crudup.

Elvis Presley/Robert DeNiro
Diane K was in Troy with Brendan Gleeson
who was in Lake Placid with Bridget Fonda
who was in Jackie Brown with Mr Jackson

I thang yaw.

Anthony Hopkins to Billy Crudup
Geoffrey Rush was in Munich with Eric Bana
who was in Troy with Brad Pitt
who was in Fight Club with Edward Norton
who was in Red Dragon with Philip Seymour Hoffman
who was in Along Came Polly with Jennifer Aniston

there could of probably been a quicker way but that popped in my mind first.

Diane Kruger/Samuel L. Jackson
Catherine Zeta Jones was in Oceans Twelve with Matt Damon
Matt Damon was in Saving Private Ryan with Vin Diesel

BEAT THAT B***HEZ!!!! ;-)

Geoffrey Rush / Jennifer Aniston
6 Degrees
If you don't know how to play it, here's how it works:

I'll name two actors/actresses, and you try to link them together in six tries or less. It's kinda like 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon, just it doesnt have to be Bacon.

I'll set an explaination, the two actors will be Woody Harrelson and Angelina Jolie

Woody Harrelson was in Natural Born Killers with Juliette Lewis
who was in Starsky and Hutch with Vince Vaughn
who was in Mr. and Mrs. Smith with Angelina Jolie

now try Catherine Zeta Jones and Vin Diesel