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81st Annual Academy Awards....

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Jonny "Me You" wrote: and after they gave the Best Supporting actress award to a woman who can barely speak fluent english, let alone act, I found myself so bored I had to watch something else, which is pretty much unprecidented for me.

i apologize in advance...i'm not trying to pick a fight...but this is the most ignorant comment i've ever seen posted at dvdactive.  so what?  javier bardem shouldn't have won last year either?  how about roberto benigni?  if you complain about penelope cruz...and you must feel the same about the other people i've mentioned...i wonder how you feel about marlee matlin having won?  maybe holly hunter in the piano shouldn't have won either.  or daniel day lewis for my left foot.
I think what happens is that these awards are for achievement in a particular field.

Wall-E might (and does) have superior sound design over Slumdog but the achievement for the people working on Slumdog is greater than that of Ben Burtt, who lets face it, pretty much owns the field anyway.

It might not be right or fair but this is how I've always read these odd choices.

It's why Scorsese gets overlooked. For example, its a greater achievement for Costner to direct Danced than it is for Scorsese to direct Goodfellas. Although a lot of thought went into Goodfellas, Scorsese can direct that stuff in his sleep.

Just my thoughts that I happen to agree with.
What a f**king crock! WALL-E didn't get either of the audio awards. Pretty much the entire first act of that film relied on the genius of Ben Burtt and his team. How the f**k does Slumdog Millionaire have better audio design than that? Yet another example of why I put absolutely no stock in these awards.
I actually thought it's one of the better Oscars we've had, thoroughly enjoyed it! The race between Penn and Rourke went down to the wire, pretty much both of them deserved to win. I like Penn's speech, 2nd best of the night after Dustin Lance Black, who gave the best speech of the night!

Heath's win was memorable, Penelope was pretty great too, she deserved it and VCB most probably should have been nominated for Original Screenplay. But anyhow, I thought it was pretty good, I notice that it's a tad shorter this year, enjoyed it!
This was probably the WORST oscars I've ever seen (or not seen as the case maybe). Other than Heath Ledgers award for the only movie that interested me in the entire lot, I found the whole thing terrible on just about every level. I don't knock Hugh Jackman because he tried, but he just didn't fit well as host. As Chris said the vast majority of movies nominated didn't interest me in any way and after they gave the Best Supporting actress award to a woman who can barely speak fluent english, let alone act, I found myself so bored I had to watch something else, which is pretty much unprecidented for me. I usually watch the awards no matter what. I wake up and find the movie shot for the cheapest amount of money won and Sean Penn turned his speech into a political rally. Couldn't have predicted any of thatTongue I bet the rating are gonna top last years as the lowest ever.

What I don't get with BB was that he started off as a small baby that looked like and old man, but ended up as a small baby that looked like, well, a small baby. Shouldn't he have been a fully gown man that looked like a baby? It was too Forest Gump for me as well. A good film, but probably the least memorable thing Fincher has done for my money. Zodiac was much, much better and that got zip. Can't be arsed to see Slumdog Millionaire either. I have zero interest in the premise.
"SLumdog" for the best film - realy great pice of cinema.
Saw Ben Butt the other day. One thing that left me disappointed was that they didn't carry the 'CG Brad Pitt's face' concept through to when he was a small boy. Maybe this was a technological leap too far. Maybe they tested it looked odd, but I was looking forward to seeing this film from a visual effects standpoint and felt they copped out with Button in his early years by just having a kid play the part.

That's a minor nitpick anyway. Generally I appreciated the film but I don't know that I love it. I think it will (and is) doing well because audiences of all ages can identify with the age ranges relevant to them. Does that make sense? Older audiences can relate to the passage of time and getting older, younger people can recognize themselves going through what it is to grow up in the world. I'm blathering.

Anyway, a fine piece of cinema and a fantastic technical achievement but not sure it's the second coming that some would have us believe.
That's what beautiful about films, you then get to discuss them. Anyhow, I went to see Benjamin Button today, thought it was beautifully done, not Fincher's best, but pretty close to be. Out of the three BP Nominee I saw, I preferred Milk and Benjamin Button to Slumdog. I'll be camping in watching the Oscars in like 11 hours, fun fun fun!
Swings and roundabouts though innit. I don't really rate TDK in the same way as most people. I haven't had a burning desire to see it again since the cinema. I thought it was a bit too long and tried to pull too many plot threads together.
TDK got shut out pretty much because of its genre, hence it was not nominated because it's a comic book based film, of course I disagree with that and it deserved both BP/BD nomination, it was on 90% of the prediction lists from various sources, most believe that it would definitely be too big for the Academy to pass, but what do you know eh? But what can you expect, when you are up against Stephen Daldry (3 BD Nom for making 3 Films?!?) and The Weinstein, you got little chance, and they don't give a s**t when your name is Darren Aronofsky or Chris Nolan...

Anyhow, I just came back from seeing Slumdog Millionaire, boy oh boy, I was so disappointed and I ask myself a few times, is this really the best picture of 2008? I mean it's dazzling and how it came together was quite interesting and all, but you can't really say it's not predictable. It's no Best Picture material IMO.

I mean when I saw Milk and The Wrestler, I could see fantastic film-making and both had great performances. With Slumdog, the acting are mediocre at best, the film is entertaining, but I dunno I'm lost of words to describe my disappointments anymore really. I haven't seen Benjamin Button yet, might consider filling in 3 hours of curiosity tomorrow...
I saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with my brother awhile ago and we both thought it was awful. I normally love Cate Blanchett, but she ruined that film with the voice she does when her character is an old woman. Made it absolutely hilarious. Didn't find this movie to be that entertaining either to be honest.

The weirdest thing about the Oscar nominations this year has to be the fact that neither The Wrestler, nor The Dark Knight got nominated in the Best Picture category. That's so stupid!

I agree with you Chris, about the fact that some categories have five nominees and others have three. That's pretty strange. Never thought about that.
Not really that bothered about Oscars to be honest. It seems largely political to me. In years gone by I've seen some of my favourite films ignored, while absolute c**p has gone on to win. Benjamin Button is a case in point. Good film, but not worth the stupid amount of nominations it's received. I've only seen a handful of the 'Oscar-worthy' films this year, mostly due to time constraints. When I'm not working I get to go to the cinema a lot more regularly, but at the moment I'm averaging about once per week and a lot of stuff goes before I have time to see it (Changeling and Defiance spring to mind).

With that said, if WALL-E doesn't win sound editing/mixing etc it'll be a travesty. The sound made that film. Oh, and is it just me who thinks it's a bit arbitrary the way some categories have five nominees and others only have three?
81st Annual Academy Awards....
So it's the Oscar time. I found the bunch that were nominated and the almost nominated film this year to be a lot more interesting than the last few years, collectively of course.

I recently saw Milk and The Wrestler, Milk was great - Penn was very authentic, he has never been better. The Wrestler was an equally great film, Rourke delivered more than a performance, it was the part the revived his soul. I personally like The Wrestler a fair bit more. These are remarkable films that deserved to be seen with wider audiences IMO.

I'm not sure if I'm exaggerating here, but everytime the end/beginning of each year comes, it makes me realize how much c**p have been throwing at us over the course of the year...

I haven't seen Slumdog or Benjamin Button, Frost/Nixon is nowhere to be seen on any schedule.

What are your thoughts, on films and performances that were nominated this year?