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A History Of Violence

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Quote: Originally posted by Gabriel Powers
The Fly, Videodrome, The Brood, and Dead Ringers.
Those are my favourite Cronenberg films too. IMO Dead Ringers is his masterpiece.

I'm really looking forward to A History of Violence.
sex AND violence. From Cronenberg? NO.
I just saw it.
Great film,
A warning though: The film is very graphic, and contains very graphic and brutal violence, and 2 graphic sex scenes although nothing too explict is shown.
an excellent movie. Great performances all around, but William Hurt steals the show in what is a small, but excellent performance. Dont expect a lot of action, but it comes in spurts and it is graphic definately. The sex scenes are pretty graphic as well. Over all a great movie
I'm seeing this later.
I can't wait!
I'm gonna have to see Serenity. Sometime I have to buy the Firefly discs too.
Hmmm...quite a quandary this weekend, Serenity or Cronenberg? Big Firefly fan, big Cronenberg fan...guess I will have to fit both into my schedule sometime over the next week, but I'll have to go with Serenity for the weekend having looked forward to it with anticipation for so long.
you're not going to see it based on the title? Do you know the plot, or actors? I'm pretty sure you don't.
Yeah, A History of Violence, well in one term sounds like: "the erotics of violence on film". Pass for me.

Serenity tomorrow, instead.
Not a fan of Cronenberg?! The Fly, Videodrome, The Brood, and Dead Ringers are all such classics, I find it hard to believe this one'll top 'em, but I'm totaly there anyway. After I see Serenity of course.
It sounds pretty good. I'll get it when it's on DVD.
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A History Of Violence
I was lucky to watch the movie in a early screening.  I'm not a fan of director David Cronenberg which he is well known for his classic movies like The Fly and Scanners, but this is Cronenberg finest masterpiece to date in my opinion.  This is a must see for any thriller fans.