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A question for our Swedish readers

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Aw Chris. I think it's sweet that opol wants to help out with a translation query. I think he'd be really good at it.
I'm fairly sure you're a spammer by this stage, but the next time you post a link to that quiz site will pretty much confirm it and I'll disable your account. Thank you.
Re : A question for our Swedish readers
It is very shameful cry for help. All this is release in Swedish.
If translation is rubbish than i definitely purchase DVD and see. Now a day i try for online puzzle and fun Quizzes.
It was released by Magnolia. They have said they will provide a version with the proper subs, but only when the old batch sells out. No way of telling if you buy online.
Late to the party here, but just curious.... didn't Fox release an updated version of the LTROI that had the original theatrical subtitles?

I read about it at Digital Bits a few months back and really haven't heard much about it since (see the 3/24 post). Did they still screw that one up?
The only Swedish website selling DVDs and BDs that i can find, that also ships internationally is SubDVD. They have the Swedish Blu-ray, but they charge 299 SEK for it + 5 EUR for shipping. Total, that's about 50 CAD/£28. You should have a look around, they have some pretty rare genre titles. Everything from horror to porn...
Re : A question for our Swedish readers

if i have Swedish Blu-ray of Let the Right One In has the 'proper' with accurately translated  English subtitles. So i aslo buy from Sweden anyway, so I want it because i want to grow anything is rubbish If you know a decent store that ships to the UK, even better! Cheers.
Cheers mate. I'll think it over for a while. £25 quid is a lot for a title that doesn't have HD audio. I think Momentum are releasing it over here, but I'm not sure when. Decisions, decisions...
Sorry i haven't responded earlier, i've been working all day.

The subtitles on the Swedish release are the same as those on that site, yes, and they are a lot better than the ones on the US release.

So... Is it english friendly? Well, yes, you can choose english from a menu that appears on screen after you've put the disc into your player. This will take you to the main menu with everything in english.

A few things you should know about the Swedish release though:

There is a pop up menu, but it's basically useless as all options will interrupt the film and take you to the top menu. If you change the subtitles or audio, the film tends to start from the beginning of the chapter you were at when you left the film.

If you choose to play the audio commentary, it'll start at the beginning of the film. Also, there aren't that many chapters, so if you skip ahead a chapter you'll miss a whole bunch of scenes.

I noticed that the Audio Commentary with the writer and the director is listed as "Directors Comments" which is pretty strange as it's "Audio Commentary" on every other title. The Audio commentary is in Swedish and without subtitles.

The Audio options are Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1 (not listed on packaging).

I'll see if i can find a site that ships to the UK...if you're still interested.

One other thing: it's a 2-disc set with one DVD and one BD. Same features.

My estimate is that it'll cost you about £25 including shipping. The BD costs around £20 and shipping is around £5.
Cheers dude. This page has a great comparison between the two and the US release uses a really 'dumb' translation, which they actually claim is more accurate! The worst example has to be when Håkan clearly says 'Eli' and the subs say 'I'm trapped'. WTF??? If the Swedish disc has the proper subs as shown on that page and I can find it cheap enough, I might go for it. Is the rest of the disc 'English friendly'?
I'm gonna have a look...Any specific scenes you want me to check the translation of? It's pretty late now, 4:09 am (waiting for an auction to end). Will check tomorrow for sure, I feel too sleepy now. Wink

Edit: Had a look (have both releases)...

I compared a few scenes and they don't use the same translation for the subs. The Swedish release seem to have the better translation. The subs on the US release appear to be simplified a lot. On the other hand i did spot a few inaccuracies with the subs on the Swedish release. For example: In the scene in the café where they're discussing the death penalty etc. one of the characters says something in the line of "Who has ever been bitten by a adder/viper?" The subs on the swedish release says rattlesnake, and the subs on the US release says just snake. But a lot of stuff seem to have been left out on the US release, so the Swedish release has the better subtitles. I'd like to check more scenes to be sure though. Tomorrow...
A question for our Swedish readers
Actually it's a shameful cry for help. Do any of you know if the Swedish Blu-ray of Let the Right One In has the 'proper' (i.e. accurately translated) English subtitles? I want to get hold of the film, but Magnolia butchered the subs on the US BD and it's going to be quite expensive to buy from Sweden anyway, so I don't want it if the translation is rubbish. If you know a decent store that ships to the UK, even better! Cheers.