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Forums - Discs & Movies - A "The Terminator" DEFINTIVE Edition query... 


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Thanks for the confirmation IP...I've only got the R2 SPECIAL EDITION (still okay...) so far, and think I'll upgrade to the ULTIMATE EDITION which includes the I think we're correct in assuming that the picture quality is just the SAME as what's on this latest tin-cased 'DEFINITIVE' EDITION...
No need for pics. I understand what you mean. Generally I try to keep the Ultimate Edition safe and use the Extreme Edition for viewing despite it not having DTS. Although that edition came in a c**ppy metal case as well that ripped the clear plastic sleeve the first time I tried to extract it.

Sorry Cervantes for derailing your post. I felt bad so I did some digging. According to Rewind The Definative Edition is indeed a repackage of the Ultimate Edition but it doesn't have the 8 page booklet that came with the UE. Not really definative then. Oh well. I would imagine as it's a repackage the distributor will not have spent any more money on an upgraded transfer. I could be wrong though.

I only ever had the R2 Spec Ed briefly as it was subject to the mysterious 'clouding' phenomenon so I binned it and got the R1 Sp Ed which has the original mono mix on it. I always felt the 5.1 mix, while good fun, had holes in it. The sound upgrade was quite severe, gunshots etc but the foley work didn't match it and it called attention to itself by its absence. It wasn't a balanced mix.
i-Ponce, I have it as well and I would have the problem you describe if I had taken the plastic wrap off!

I just ripped the top part of the metal case so that the plastic case you go out and the set wont slip from under and be there because of the plastic Happy

I can take pics if you want
For owners of the R1 T2 Ultimate Edition (2 discer).

"How many times has it dropped out of its metal sleeve while taking it of it's shelf?"

Every bloody time I go for it. As soon as it's clear of the shelf down it plummets. The funny thing is, I know the second it happens what's happened. I have got quite good at catching it though. Success rate is probably 70%.

Anyone else got pain in the hole DVD packaging?

Is this a thread starter? We'll see. Usually you can see the e- tumbleweed blowing across the forum whenever I pose a question.
Shiny shiny tin mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Oh right, the first Terminator!!! Sorry, somehow I thought you mean T2...gotta get new glasses lol
Thanks BoBoi, but it's really this version of the original "Terminator" that I'm not sure about...however with a bit of digging around, it seems that this "DEFINITIVE EDITION" is just the re-packaged "ULTIMATE EDITION" from 2005 after all...
For T2, I highly recommended this Japanese Set

ターミネーター2 エクストリーム・エディション (初回限定生産)
Price: Y 6,462 (Tax Included)
A "The Terminator" DEFINTIVE Edition query...
Please can anyone answer me this..."The Terminator" Definitive Edition has recently been released.  Two it hasn't been reviewed on this site yet, does anyone here know if the print is EXACTLY the same as the ULTIMATE Edition release?...and is it ONLY avail. in a Metal Case?  Thankyou.