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 Academy Awards did you like this years picks?

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Well I don't think No Country should've won best film, director, or most laughably (over Atonement for Gods sake) cinematography. I think it's possibly the most overated film ever made and possibly even less deserving than Crash which I almost smashed my tv while watchig.

And yes the Compass over Transformers was another glaring mistake.

Mind they had to give an American film some awards, all of the actors awards went to outsiders. Glad Juno got screenplay and tho it probably didn't deserve it, I'd have rather it, TWBB or even Atonement for best pic. Def director to PTAnderson. They really don't like him do they..........He is like the new Scorsese/Speilberg.
milkshake... hehehe....
Marion Cotillard...  grrrr!
Just delighted that Daniel Day-Lewis bagged another oscar for another stellar performance...

Currently the best actor workingin film!!!
Once again it was so clear, that OSCARS should be named - AMERICNA films awards.....

Once again so many bad chocies - that only the fact, that OSCARs lost all its value long time agoe makes it less important.

It was so obvious that eather "No COuntry..." or "There will be.." will win, that there was no point watching. No mether how much bether films world cinema makes every year - OSCAR always has to go to pathetic US gloryfinig films.

Giving the OSCARS to COens for best adapted screenplay, to Elswit for "Theer will be blood", to "golden COmpass" for best CGI and to "Die Falsher" for best foreign language just proves, how artisticly unimportant and comerical OSCARS are.

And as for teh ceremony - it was 80th, and probably most boring of all of them.
Jon Stewart did a great job and it was a great show!

But...handing the Oscar for VFX to The Golden Compass, that has be an early April 1st joke. That film had horrible visual effects and  nowhere close in the same league as Transformer, or At World's End for that matter. That has to be seen as the big shock of the evening.
True, I said to my friend during the broadcast "Look at how the Oscars used to be, boy it must've been fun to watch them then."
Great list of winners but thats the last time i watch it live, my god how boring have the Oscars gotten now? Dull dull dull, when they showed clips of much older Oscars i wished they'd have broadcast one of those. Makes you realize how many of the great actors are gone, along with the glitz and glamour and shows they used to put on.
The best part of the night had to be when they brought Markéta Irglová back out to give her speech.

I'm pleased with the picks. Glad there wasn't a Jennifer Hudson, or Crash...
Academy Awards did you like this years picks?
I can say for once I am.  Good Job.