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Adam Sandler - opinions?

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I enjoy Adam Sandler. 50 First Dates was horrible though. Quite a few ripped off jokes from previous Sandler films. I thought PDL was very good. Sandler proved he can act. PT is good, but he's not good enough to make a bad actor as good as Sandler is in PDL.
Punch Drunk love was it, the rest is vile garbage in my opinion.
His older funny stuff can be good to pass some spare time.......
I only like "funny" Adam Sandler like in Happy Gilmore, The Wedding Singer, Water Boy, 50 First Dates etc. I hated Punch Drunk Love and I'm not interested in watching Spanglish. I'm looking foward to his new movie The Longest Yard, that looks hilarious.
I laughed alot more watching 'The Wedding Singer' than any other Adam Sandler movie. And I don't understand how anyone could say Punch-Drunk Love was not a good movie. Adam Sandler did prove he had potential, but as Barking Pumpkin already mentioned, he was being directed by P.T. Anderson. Maybe it was his acting, Anderson's directing, or Jon Brion's beautiful score, but that film was alot better than I expected it to be.
Adam Sandler? I just LOVEd his brand of comedy and his characters when he was doing SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE in the early 90s. As for his movies,I dunno.. PDL was a great film and he's very good in it,but it's probably because PT Anderson's directing him.Sandlers'comedies are watchable,granted,but apart maybe from THE WEDDING SINGER they're no classics in the making.
BTW,there's a great article on Sanders and trying to figure out WHY his films are so successful in the DEC/JAN issue of PREMIERE
He was good in PDL, but I'm not really a fan of his work.
Adam Sandler - opinions?
Hey what do people think of Adam Sandler? It took me a while to get used to watching him in Spanglish, as I can't take the guy seriously after watching titles like Little Nicky and Happy Gilmore.

However he does a great job in Spanglish and I think overall, he has certainly matured and delivers an admirable performance. It's been a while since I last watched Punch Drunk Love but he was great in that too.