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AFI's Top 100 Movies 2007

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I loved the movie Citizen Caine but the #1 movie of all time I don't think so should be in the top 10
If you've seen it you'd know.
i see no point realy in makeing sucha a list.
We all have different opinions on which films should, or shouldn't be in........

I personaly dont get, why Citizen Kane is always number 1... Happy
What the Hell? IT'S FREE PUBLICITY! I don't understand the companies' policy with YouTube...

Well Darth, different people like different movies, I wouldn't hold it against them. Some people want an SE of Halloween 6. Well, most people on here know what a good film is and what a bad film is, it's people everywhere else who have no idea what Casablanca is, or Citizen Kane. Or Hell, L.A. Confidential.
Cheddar I agree with you! Kozinski now you have seen Citizen Kane you should check out more of Welles's film's and why stop there Carol Reed's Third Man, No Way Out and Fallen Idol. These lists are important! If only some of our friends on this forum looked at them and took the time to watch some of these classic films we wouldn't have futile debates about how "good" the likes of Back To School (Gabe's response was kind! Mine would not have been!) was and why Halloween 6 has not had a special edition!!!! A new se of Halloween yes but 6! I am not naming names. There are hundreds of great films out there! I sometimes wonder reading on this forum if some of the users think the movie industry started in 1990!!!! Did anyone catch the trailer for the Blade Runner final cut? I tried to watch it today on You Tube but it had been pulled!
I didn't like Ragging Bull being in the top 10.  That movie to me is not as good as Taxi Driver.
It deserves to be in the top ten. My opinion, but that is Scorsese's finest hour. Rivalled only by GoodFellas.
I know people will hate me for this but Ragging Bull shouldnot be in the top 10. I could of lived with "Casablanca" or "The Wizard of Oz" as #1.  "Citizen Caine" well #2.  However my #1 would of been GWTW
Cheddar J. Cheese wrote: Personally, I don't think Pulp Fiction should be on that list. I don't see the whole Pulp Fiction craze. It's a good movie, yes, but it's not God's gift to cinema most people make it out to be.

I prefer Reservoir Dogs - or maybe Kill But that seems to be cheating for some reason.

Aaanyhooo. I only recently seen Citizen Kane and was amazed. Whether it be genius filmaking or a nice little fluke its about 20-30 years ahead of its time. Magic! And Orson Welles performance in it is one of the best I've seen. Mainly becuase it's only when you think about it - you realise how good it was.
Meh, can never get worked up about these industry lists.
Well, as I was watching the special, I was appalled at the some of the rankings.

I'm glad that Blade Runner is now on the list, but my biggest gripe is why wasn't it good enough last time? Ok, it's now 25 years old as opposed to 15.

This was supposed to be a new list because ten years have gone by, but the only 3 films from the past ten years were Saving Private Ryan, Titanic and The Fellowship of the Ring... There's stuff from the fifties and sixties that weren't on the list before. Why now? Why not then?

And when it got to the top five, it was obvious that Citizen Kane was going to hold it's place as #1, and I'm glad The Godfather edged out Casablance for second.

I think the oddest change is "The Searchers", it went from 96 on the last list to 12 on this list... Why?

I think a lot of films were bumped up very cruelly and unfairly. Ben-Hur at 100? What the Hell is that? It won 11 Academy Awards! It's an epic! And a bit of a personal bias here, but I was really pissed that A Clockwork Orange was bumped from 46 to 70. No that bad, but still.

Personally, I don't think Pulp Fiction should be on that list. I don't see the whole Pulp Fiction craze. It's a good movie, yes, but it's not God's gift to cinema most people make it out to be.

Anyways, yeah. I'll post some more thoughts when I've had more time to digest this tough list.
AFI's Top 100 Movies 2007
The American Film Institute released their updated list of the top 100 American films today. Check out the list here. Anything missing? Anything there that shouldn't be or that's ranked too highly on the list?