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American Pie sequel in the works...

Forums - Discs & Movies - American Pie sequel in the works... 


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This is to be released December 26.
It's not needed, but being a big fan of the American Pies, I'd buy it. I was thinking a fourth one would be called American Baby or something where Jim and Michelle have a child...

According to IMDb, it lists Eddie Kaye Thomas and Chris Owen for their roles from the movies... Hmm... I guess cameos.
wow this is totally not needed
At least now that they're putting very little effort into sequels, we never get to hear about them except when they pop up on our front page. Shame they are messing up the ones that would be worthwhile though.
Apparently the main character is going to be Stifler's little brother isn't it? Unecessary, for sure, but with as popular as the films were it'll make Universal a killing going direct-to-DVD.
American Pie sequel in the works...
After three American Pie movies, the film's producers figure fans are ready for a fourth.

But American Pie: Band Camp won't arrive in theaters; it's going directly to DVD.
And only Eugene Levy remains from the original cast.

Direct-to-DVD sequels — which generally don't have the stars who carried the original films or the budgets — were once limited to animated films, horror and sci-fi franchises. Now, thrillers, dramas and comedies are getting the treatment.

The American Pie trilogy took in $351.2 million in theaters and sold millions of DVDs.

Some films don't warrant a full-blown theatrical release; the cost for making prints of a movie, plus advertising it, now averages $34.4 million, according to the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).
I don't know, I find this unnecessary. They could've just named the movie something else but of course that wouldn't be a good business move for them. I don't think I'll even rent this.