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I can see your point Gabe - I spose I am a Stephen King fan as well  which probably doesn't help... Wink
Worst Nightmare wrote: Read the book! It is fantastic and leaves the cr*ppy movie for dead!
I think the film and book are along the same lines, but very different. I really loved the movie and was bored by the part of the book I read, untill I bought the SE. In one of the featurettes they talk about it, and it seems to be more of  a genious work of art rather than literature. The murder scenes were written to be boring and precise in their discription because that was the way of life for the '80s Yuppie, everything was about surface value. I really think you should give the film a second chance with a different set of expectations. I'd rate it one of the most inteligent comedies I've ever seen, though not as high as Fight Club of course.
Read the book! It is fantastic and leaves the cr*ppy movie for dead!
Peter Martin wrote: American Psycho is a fantastic movie.

i have region 3 version from Korea...
Aaaah.  I didn't read the title.
David was talking about the rather terrible sequel starring Mila Kunis and William Shatner.
Uhm.  American Psycho was not direct to video.  It's been awhile since I have read the book, but I read the book right before the movie was in theaters and thought it did a fairly good job of translating the book to film.  I think Ellis was quite happy with the movie as well.
american psycho 2
i just finished watching it and i thought it was 5H!+ all i saw in it was a story that was irrelevant tward the original story and i felt it branched out in a way that made the authors opinion void in anything they did...not to mention the direct to video part also which told me ut was going to be bad but i didnt listen
I gotta agree Peter, I watched it again recently when I got the SE, and I'm starting to think it was one of the best films of 2000. Better than all but two of the nominies for best picture that year, and it has a great shelf life. It really needs multiple veiwings, and an understanding that it is a satire, not a horror movie, to be appriciated I think.
American Psycho is a fantastic movie.
It's even shitter than the theatrical.
The uncut/unrated version features a few seconds of three way sex. Not much.

...then I noticed the link above.
I know that region 1 has an uncut version and an unrated edition. What's the difference between the two.
I've seen the unrated version, and I'm not exactly sure I can say what's different because it's very inappropriate (lol), so go here: IMDb "American Pyscho" Alternate Versions Page.
american psycho
i just got the "unrated" version, but its just as long as what i thought was the R rated cut previously avalable so im just scratching my head if anybody has an answer i would be greatfull