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Any films released straight to video any good?

Forums - Discs & Movies - Any films released straight to video any good? 


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According to that IMDB link it was shown at the Toronto Film Festival, but that seems to be the only theatrical showing.

I guess I'm the only one that saw the title of this thread and thought "you have to be kidding me".  Straight to video and good are nearly mutually exclussive terms!
Tick Tock

Class movie. It wasn't shown theatrically though was it?
James Tully wrote: I think it had a theatrical release in the states but 'Big Trouble' (the Barry Sonnenfeld one) went straight to DVD here in the UK.

I really enjoyed it.

No, Species 3 was not released in the theaters in the US.
I have watched many excellent foreign films taht likely went direct to video in the US like Double Vision, Crimson Rivers 2: Angels Of The Apocalypse, Empire Of The Wolves, and countless others.   Also it depends what you're looking for and some movies are made for the direct to video market like Starship Troopers 2: Hero Of The Federation and many Steven Seagal movies.   Then take in account any country only have a certain number of room for movies.   The USA has at least 300 films released a year and not all of them will hit many theaters at all.   So you do have a point where lower budgeted movies whether they are good or bad will make more money on the DTV route instead of just pumping extra money into prints and promotional campaigns that the movie is coming and is in theaters.
I saw "The Escapist" recently... wasn't that bad. Just don't watch it with high expectations.
3000 Miles to Graceland. Didn't get a UK theatrical release but as a blind buy, I enjoyed every over the top, nasty, violent minute of it. Got so sick of safe 15 cert violence so it was like a breath of fresh air. I'm not saying it's a great film but if your in the mood for it, it's a great little find. It's brilliant for shattering your expectations of what a Costner film is and can be. Oh, to qualify that, I am a Costner apologist (to a point). Dragonfly (which I only saw bits of) and For Love of the Game (which I had to rehearse in shifts it was so bad) were rubbish.
I think it had a theatrical release in the states but 'Big Trouble' (the Barry Sonnenfeld one) went straight to DVD here in the UK.

I really enjoyed it.
I don't know what DVDs went directly to DVD except for Species 3.  I thought it was a really great movie.  I was very surprised when I saw it for sale in Blockbuster for 9.99 US.  I didn't know it was even released only on DVD until I saw it and knew I hadn't seen a theater release.
Tigerclaw wrote: Can't go wrong with any Jenna Jameson moviesooh baby! Wink
John, that's a great avatar you have there.
I also thought that American Pie Band Camp wasn't a bad movie either.
Can't go wrong with any Jenna Jameson movies
I liked The Animal with Terrence Howard and Ving Rhames.
Freaked springs to mind for some strange reason, it is cool BTW.
Well, I didn't mind American Pie: Band Camp it was better than I thought it was going to be .. plus stiflers brother is hot! Uhm .. I cant really think of anything else right now cuz I usually dont see straight-to-video but oh yeah Bring It On: Again wasnt that bad as I heard it was going to be !
Any films released straight to video any good?

   It's pretty obvious that if a movie goes straight to video it's usually either a sequel to a not very successful horror film with a no name actor or it's just a terrible film with no purpose to release. Does anyone know any good straight to video movies? Is there any you've liked? They have a ton at wal mart but I'm not sure if I want to stoop that low. Any recommendations for fun?