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Anyone know 'techno' music on Blade Runner?

Forums - Discs & Movies - Anyone know 'techno' music on Blade Runner? 


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I finally found out through a 'fan edit' site that it is actually a 'sampled' bit of music by Brian Eno and David Byrne called "Qu'ran" off their 1981 album 'My life in the bush of ghosts', but which was left off a later 'expanded' release of the album due to protests about it's inclusion of 'holy texts' set to music...  Who'd have guessed?  But at least I can sleep soundly now.
Hmmm weird, I'll see what I can dig up...
Andrewr05, although Demis Roussos did indeed feature in the soundtrack mixed in with Vangelis, there is NO singing in the alternate 'techno'-like drum music featured in the DISC 5:Workprint version.  This music doesn't even sound Vangelis'ish', and why I think you're thinking of the EVENTUAL 'Taffy Lewis' club music used in the 'Theatrical' and 'Director's Cut'.  As I said, there is now a snippet of this unknown track I am trying to find out about used on the 'Final Cut', but it is heard best on the 'workprint'.
It IS done by Vangelis with vocals by Demis Roussos...
Thanks again, but is there anyone out there who actually knows WHO did that particular piece of music, or what it is called?
As far as I know they were feuding when the movie was being produced which is why there is a mix between composers in the movie.
Quite a lot of the music was cut out and or shortened because of the constraints...
Thats really all I know, I'm pretty sure if you cant find it on the internet or on a soundtrack (official or unofficial bootleg) that it will not be released...
Thanks for the info. Andrewr05, and if you are correct then that is a pity.  By the way, when you state it is not on ANY version of any soundtrack, are you just meaning the 'official' ones that have been released, or do you KNOW for sure it is not on any 'UNofficial' release without accompanying sound effects/talking etc.???
Thats one of those unreleased tracks (not released on ANY version of any soundtrack), you pretty much wont ever find that... ever...
Until they decide they want to release it and thats assuming they still have the original...
Anyone know 'techno' music on Blade Runner?
HELP!  Does anyone here know what the 'drumbeat' thumping, 'techno'-like music heard briefly on Blade Runner:Final Cut is please?  It starts with the new added snippet of 'hockey mask'-wearing dancers at 46 MINUTES 55 SECONDS in, and ends at 47 MINUTES 06 SECONDS in when 'Deckard' enters the 'Taffy Lewis' club known as 'The Snake Pit'.

A much LONGER version is heard on the 'Workprint' edit from the 5-disc boxset, again starting with the mask-wearing dancers shot 44 MINUTES 41 SECONDS in, but continues throughout the 'Deckard' exchange with 'Taffy Lewis' inside the club, and ends at 46 MINUTES 57 SECONDS in when 'Rachael' switches off 'Deckard's' videocall to her.

Is this Vangelis music or something else?  I'd much appreciate any feedback on this, thanks.