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Anyone living in Canada with Paypal?

Forums - Discs & Movies - Anyone living in Canada with Paypal? 


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Now let that be a lesson to you Tongue
So there. That told me.
Doesn't really work when people have already replied though.
sympathy post number 1.
Yes. Yes I am mental

Woohoo, got the Ratatouille and Spider-man 3 steelbooks off of eBay.
I'm going to ebay. Found a guy selling them at an insane mark up but hey. They're still not too expensive and needs must!
why dont you try eBay?

or better yet, The Import Forums ?
Is no one willing to get these for me!?

Pllllleaaaaaaaaase someone!
Jonny, you're an evil, evil person.

The Spider-Man case is bilingual. Well, it says right on the damn thing (VERSION FRANCAISE INCLUS)... Is this the case in all of Canada or just my glorious country, I mean province... Province... I meant province... Ok? Ok.

In my Future Shop it's all you can get in terms of two-disc SM3. Which kinda sucks, this is one steelbook I'm not too thrilled in getting (matching the rest) but I've yet to see a two-disc anywhere else.
Oh my god oh my god oh my god
Plllleaaase could you pick this up for me!?!??
Hmmmm, I was just in a Future Shop but didn't see anything in a steel book, only regular cases. Either way you probably don't want it. Canadian DVD's are WAAAAAAAY over priced and come in nasty bi-lingual packaging, sometimes even missing extras so that they can fit on french tracks instead Tongue

Although, if you're a tin collector I probably shouldn't show you this either.
Now where did I put my wallet..?
Five love you long time?
lol  I don't really know.  Unless it's cash.
Good for what? Wink
She's good for it.  Figured I'd post that quickly for her.  Happy
Anyone living in Canada with Paypal?

Do you:
Live in Canada?
Near a store
And have a Paypal account?
oh and are a nice person..

Is yes to those, would you be willing to pick me up and post a Spider-Man 3 steelbook?

Franchise can vouch that I'm good for the $$$$