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Apocalypto was one of the best chase movies I have ever seen.Never wanted to see Passion,I've heard enough bible stories that my mind cannot take anymore.Mel rules!
Anyone heard when the dvd is gettin released?
And whales...
I didn't like the Passion because there was no passion in it the way I see it, and had it not been for all the slow motion it'd been about 30 minutes long. The only time I felt something was when Mary sees Christ as a child and runs to him. It needed more of that.
I don't have a problem with subtitles, Bible stories or even mind numbing violence. I just thought it was boring. I just thought it got a bit tedious watching Jebus get his ass kicked for two hours. And if it really was the greatest story ever told then the Whale scene would have been included.
Flame on. Here goes. My view only of course. Assuming this Mr Jesus was real (in the sense that Christian's believe him to be real, the Son of God etc and not just some bloke of the time who tried to teach love, forgiveness and understanding) a whacky idea, I know, how in the in the name of Satan's hoof did 'they' establish the colour of the guys eyes. I know there' all those paintings and such, (the long haired, beardy versions) but has someone got hold of some DNA or something. Can you tell eye colour from DNA?

Honestly, I'm obviously no expert on the matter but if anyone knows how they know Jesus' eye colour then I'd be fascinated. I'd pull up a chair and strap myself in for that bit of info.
I see... I might do that, it's probably a good thing to look at it from different angles. Thanks for the recommendation.
Watch 'The Passion of the Jew' for most of the reasons I disliked it.
Did you watch the whole thing? There's a lot of action towards the end. Wink

Seriously though... Boring? "The greatest story ever told"? I think the real reason "people" have a problem with it is because they don't like reading subtitles. Wink

I can't see how anyone can think it's boring when it grabs hold of you from the start and doesn't let you go until the end. The way Gibson shot most scenes using another speed that 24 frames a second makes it almost poetic IMO. And the Arameic, Latin and hebrew spoken throughout the film is spoken like if it is the first language of the actors delivering the lines. It sounds beautiful.

The only thing I can think of that i don't like about the film is the CG eyes of Jim Caviezel. I get that they had to change the color of his eyes to match those of Christ, but colored contacts would have been preferred. Other than that, it's a masterpiece that should've been nominated for more than three academy awards and won just as many.

Anyway... "Cos it was boring?"? Laugh
I see in the new cut of 'Passion' they've removed the flying whale flashback as well.
Cos it was boring?

May I ask why? I mean, i respect your opinion and all but i'm curious.
I hated Passion, quite liked Apocalypto.
I don't understand exactly what you're hinting at, but i'm sure you're not saying The Passion, or Apocalypto for that matter, is a bad film in some way, cause nothing could be further from the truth. They're both very powerful films with gorgeous photography and wonderful actors. Now go and buy yourself The Passion of the Christ Definitive Edition! Wink Laugh
Pity about the film eh?
I don't think there is any information availble atm, but you can always pick up the superb definitive edition of The Passion. It's one of the best DVDs in quite some time. Awsome extras.
I saw this tonight  and loved it and since its been out for some time i was wondering when it was comming to dvd?and what special features will it have?and will it be a 1 disk or 2 disk set?