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Apparently, Batman Boxset WILL be released on region 2

Forums - Discs & Movies - Apparently, Batman Boxset WILL be released on region 2 


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Not sure whether they've been re-incorporated into the films or if they're available as bonus features but they are definately on there.  I think the latter is most likely
Dan, is that true? I thought none of the deleted scenes were being included. If it is true, it is very good news.
That web site is sweeeet.  I no longer really care about the lack of an R2 box set.  The infinately better cover art is worth the sacrifice.  
As for deleted stuff on BF I believe all the deleted stuff made it onto disk 2 but will sadly not be reincorporated.

ALSO according to
the deleted "is it Haloween?" sequence from Batman has been reincorporated.

- -
Jesus christ, this is unbelievable.

OK, so at least Batman, the best of the bunch, is uncut, but what about Forever and B&R? I know that Forever originally had a load of stuff cut to qualify for a PG rating. I hope to god they let us have the full version this time, but, then again, if Warner is too lazy to resubmit it...
Never underestimate the prudishness of British Censorship authorities.
That's total bulls**t, I can't believe it wasn't let through. F**k you BBFC!
The R2UK Batman Returns SE will STILL be cut. So fuck the UK release.

Dan, that's quite a good observation.

Shops like HMV often offer exclusive packaging in order to entice people to buy from them. Do you think it might happen?
Come on, if Warner were gonna release it on region 2, they would have done so by now.

On the brighter side, the boxset is apparently only gonna be a pretty flimsy one, like the region 2 James Dean Boxset. It's really nothing added at all, except they all come in a rather shoddy card case that is open from one end.
Well if I were to look at it more carefully, it doesn't say "boxset" but rather a bundle + a free gift of an old Batman movie.

Here's the link anyway:

It's from an Australian online DVD store.
Region 2 will NOT be getting the boxset, much to my dismay.

Colton, could you give me a link to a site advertising the region 4 boxset?
I'm not sure it's been confirmed yet my friend, personally I can't see it happening.  Your best bet's to hand fire until release day and see what happens.  perhaps some stores will have "exclusive" box set packages
I'm confused. So is it confirmed that R2 will get a boxset? All I see on are individual releases. I know R4 will get a boxset but man, are those classification labels big, fat and ugly!
That's not actually a bad idea!

Anyone have the appropriate contact info in order to ask?
If nobody's answered already Matt I believe they're the individual releases in a box.  It's a shame as I'd love to see Batman get the treatment that Alien and The Matrix did (The latter is the ultimate example of distribution gimmicks over content) but it ain't going to happen.  Why not contact warner distribution and ask if they can send you a R1 box to put your R1 disks in?

I'm being serious!
OK, well if that is the sad truth, can you also tell me this.

In what form is the region 1 boxset? What I mean by that is, does it contain the movies in the plastic cases as they will be available individually? Or are all the discs just housed loose within it? Like say the Alien set.
That makes no sense at all to me. Warner are either being very stupid or very selfish; probably both.
I gave into the constant barrage and phoned Warner's PR company today. According to the young lady I spoke to, Warner will be releasing a Batman boxed set, but this will not contain the Special Editions of the films. These are only available individually.

There you go, straight from the horse's mouth (well, the mouth's PR company). If that's wrong, blame them.
Shu Qi.
Can I ask who the sexy girl is in the pic?
I dunno, I don't have a crystal ball. I emailed to enquire some time ago, but the particular PR company dealing with it are selective with their replies. Sure it'll be cheaper, but you seem to be getting really worked up about it for some reason. They're not even out until October, so chill out. Didn't you email a bunch of us asking about it as well?
Of course its 'worth getting worked up about', not only will it be cheaper, but it will allow fans to own all movies in on set.

Also, Chris, do I assume from your reply that Warner are indeed simply waiting to announce it?
You're a bit obsessed with this boxed set. It'll be announced when the PR company sees fit to do so. I mean come on, even if it does arrive it'll only be the individual release sin... a box! Not exactly worth getting worked up about.
Alright, back to the topic, does anyone have info yet? I have no doubt the boxset will be released on region 2, I just haven't read anything about it yet.
Fuck me, calm down people.
Get your facts right before you post some incorrect information. I was asking about the S.E. DVDs, not the original ones. I think that was obvious.
Oh. Really? Goddamn it.
Quote: Originally posted by Tony DeFrancisco
Amazon. It's only under the Batman Legacy, not Batman Anthology.

Batman Legacy is the older release of the films, not the upcoming ones.

On another Batman note, has both the normal and deluxe editions of Batman Begins for pre-order at the same price of $15.98 right now, quite a deal...though not an endorsement of any kind for Wink.
Amazon. It's only under the Batman Legacy, not Batman Anthology.
What? When? How did you find out?

I think you are mistaken, you must be referring to the region 1 boxset, not the supposed region 2 one.
We kind of knew that for like a month now.
Apparently, Batman Boxset WILL be released on region 2
I have been informed by a reliable source that the Batman S.E. boxset that will be released this October on region 1, will also be released on region 2 as well (not necessarily with the same name and artwork, however). I was told that Warner may not have made an announcement regarding it, but that many DVD buying companies (who then sell them onto companies such as HMV,, have received them.