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Are Region 1 DVd's better quality than others?

Forums - Discs & Movies - Are Region 1 DVd's better quality than others? 


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doesn't matter which region, it's all good quality.  It's just different format to protect copying rights, but of course that's not really working.
It really depends on what you want compared to how much it will cost.... is a good site for price comparison. With DVD Soon, I am finding that it takes around 5 working days for a standard delivery to Australia (Sydney). Also, a price comparison comparing DVD Soon to our local Big W/Kmart, I find that it is around $5 AUD cheaper to buy it from canada - bearing in mind that I do have the discount card...
Hey worst nightmare, wondering about this....
So how much are you paying, and when does your stock arrive after initial delivery?
Mark, I use as the aussie dollar and the canadian dollar are almost 1 to 1. I am a fidelity card member so that I get free shipping as well as a discount. Just be sure that you spend enough to justify it. Hope this helps.
Hey worst nightmare, have you tried I think it is the cheapest region 1 dvd supplier at A$26.12 for new releases. shipping is only A$3.70! for standard air mail.
I am in the same boat as you Mark, but one thing you may need to mention is that not only do they get the superior sound, etc but it is cheaper for me to buy it overseas (including shipping) than to buy it locally! Go figure... Annoyed
Since I get region 1 dvd's by default I have no real qualms with the content, but my beef is this new trend in Canada of only the last year or so of multi-language packaging. It totally RUINS the cover art. Put the bloody french packaging in QUEBEC and leave the english for EVERYWHERE ELSE.

This isn't really an anti-french thing either, if a french movie came out that I wanted I would want the french packaging, but messing with my Coverart for the sake of being lazy and not making a separate edition for Quebec is NOT acceptable. As a result I've been buying a lot of my dvd's from US retailers.

The absolute DUMBEST use of a bi-lingual cover came on Back to the Future. The cover was printed double-sided. On one side was English/ French and on the other was...get this... FRENCH/ENGLISH....what the hell is the point of that? :stupid:

rant done! Very Happy
Are Region 1 DVd's better quality than others?
Ever since DVd came out, I began collecting Region 1, not only because 90% of movies comes out way earlier than Australia, but because I enjoy the whole package, better sound, features and dvd packaging. Australian DVD's have very lousy and cheap packaging, as well as bad artwork! You should see the 'Spy Game' dvd cover. It looks like it was photocopied. Anyway, are there any similar problems in your country?