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Are you tired of Sequels & Remakes

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Trap Door wrote: Sequels I can live with. Remakes are just annoying on so many levels.

Remakes aren't always annoying.  Occassionally, they are actually pretty good movies, say like Ocean's Eleven.  It depends on the director and screenwriter.  There are a few older movies that are ripe for remakes in modern settings.
Sequels I can live with. Remakes are just annoying on so many levels.
Talk about sequels..You want to hear something scary?

Scary Movie 4 debuted as the number one film in Hollywood over the weekend with a $41 million opening.

Oh, and it was the best Easter weekend debut ever, surpassing the $30.1 million opening enjoyed by Panic Room in 2002.
Has anybody seen the full coming attraction for Superman Returns
There is now going to be a Leaglly Blonde 3 w/o Reese Witherspoon
They should ban all remakes! What ever happened to a new idea?
IMO most sequels should not have been made - some are good though
If the remakes or sequels are good, I'll go for them. However, in a year that has brought us such gems as Big Momma's House 2, When a Stranger Calls, Pink Panther, and Final Destination 3 (with Madea's Family Reunion soon to be added to the list), I really hope 2006 gets better in the way of sequels and remakes.
I'll probably see it, though I am not a fan of Tim Allen.
Who is going to see "The Shaggy Dog" remake?  I loved the old b/w movie.
Sequels are ok by me as long as it is something that deserves a sequel and the sequel can add to the overall character development and story.

Remakes I have absolutely no use for. It's simply Hollywood milking someone elses idea until they can't squeeze no'mo.
I'm tired of them. It seems Hollywood has run out of ideas so they just reuse an old one.
You got to realize that they all make money.  That is why they continue to make them.  Name recognition can buy you a lot.

For example, Final Destination 3:  Production Budget:  $25 million  Opening Weekend:  $20+ million.  It's easy money.  That's why they are considering new Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street movies.  Typically, the budgets are fairly small and one good weekend is enough to recoup the budget.  They generally make a tidy little profit.
I agree SOME are better however it seems every week its a remake that is coming out or a sequel. Wouldn't everyone like to see more original movies than just a "remake of "Pink Panther" or another "Final Destination"  
There are some remakes that are better than the original.  Ocean's Eleven comes to mind, as does the 1941 version of Maltese Falcon.
No more remakes or sequels!  Some movies just don't deserve sequels, and most older movies don't need to be remade over.  
Hollywood needs to come up with more original ideas.  If a screenwriter can't do the his/her ass and find someone who can!
Yes, I'm tired of Horror and Asian films remakes.
I'll agree with Tony on this one.  It is totally unnecessary to remake Japanese movies.  If they really want to make them "more accessible" for US audiences, they should just redub them.  Then, we can ignore the dub on the DVDs.
If there were any remakes I was really getting tired with it would be the Japanese horror flick remakes (ex. The Grudge and The Ring).
The Pink Panther with Steve Martin is quite possibly the worst film I have in the theatre in a long while. I was unfortunately invited to a preview screening a couple of days ago and regret losing those 90's an uncomprehensible, unfunny, annoying mess of which I made my opinion known when polled afterwards by telling one of the pollsters that I actually felt stupider after having seen it while filling out my comment card and verbally answering a few questions for him.
Are you tired of Sequels & Remakes
I must confess I am looking forward to the new "Poseidon Adventure" and "Superman Returns" However I am tired of seeing that the big movies coming out soon are remakes and sequels.  
It seems to me people are some-what getting tired of "Remakes". "The Producers" didn't do so well, and "Your mine and Ours" did not break the bank. Any thoughts?