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As I said, the UK R2 is the best option.
i just got it and why the f**k is not in 16:9? those of us with CRTs depend on that.
great sound though
People, people!  Have you not heard of Ebay?! LOL
I got my copy of the Armageddon Criterion Disc off of there for $20, brand spankin new!  All you have to do is look!
Seriously people, if you get the Criterion version you're paying for the name. The UK SE is pretty much identical and it's anamorphic...
nice describtion !
bye the way is there any News from GODZILLA specila , director cut , deluxe ....
i really wait for this ( godzilla by roland I means )
sorry if was fun !
Mark Lim wrote:
Shame there is no DTS! The Rock Criterion has DTS!

If I recall, The Rock was the first criterion disc that offered anamorphic enhancement and DTS.

I have that one too. It's so much better then the barebones disney release.

Matt wrote: No, this is not out-of-print and is still available from most retailers with an average price of around $30.99.

Unless you live in Canada. If I recall (and this was a few years ago) criterion editions that go for $30 us are like $89 here. Don't ask me why. I remember being shocked after I bought The Rock online for about $30, only to find it in a Futureshop for $89 - plus 15% tax ontop of that. Confused
I'd bet money that Buena Vista (Disney) will revisit this one soon. They have been re-releasing a number of their non-anamorphic titles over the last year or so. If you are considering a purchase, I'd wait.
No, this is not out-of-print and is still available from most retailers with an average price of around $30.99. Try Amazon, DVDPlanet, or Criterion's own site for links to merchants selling it to find the best price.
The price is because it is not available anymore!

So this is a rare dvd for fans to get their hands on.

Yes, there is English subtitles on the film. One booklet. Lots of special features on the second disc.
I happen to have a copy. I bought it second hand! Lucky me!

Shame there is no DTS! The Rock Criterion has DTS!
has critterion English subtitle for Films and Bonuses ? and critterion version has anything more ? for example booklet , image cards .... because its price is a lot !
The UK R2 release is basically an anamorphic version the Criterion release. I think there are a couple of minor suppliments missing, but it's still the best version.
Be aware, the criterion version is NOT anamorphic. It's also the director's cut of the movie with a few minutes of footage inserted back in.

but you suggest me wich one ?
armageddon critterion or Armageddon 2 disc Special Edition ( UK ) ?
This is a good site for information on all things Criterion.
Armageddon Critterion
has anybody this Edition of Armageddon ?
i need Some pictures Of them !
with thanks