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arranging Kevin Smith titles in dvd collections

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I keep all my movies in a weird order.  
All TV box sets are in alphabetical order on one shelf.
All comic book related movies are in alphabetical order on another shelf.
All regular movies are in alphabetical order on another shelf, but in their own subgroup (i.e. after Dr.No, all Bond flicks in their chronological order).

That being said... when when we get to the K.Smith movies, I start with Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Clerks Animated, Jersy Girl, and An Evening With Kevin Smith.
I love the Kevin Smith commentaries. Its good to see I'm not the only one who is just as puerile and immature as when I was 13.

Keep up the good work Kev.

As for shelf placement - I'm strictly an alphabetical kinda guy. I can spell, so I always know where to find 'em.
Worst Nightmare wrote: alphabetically - mixed in with all my other dvd's

me too
alphabetically - mixed in with all my other dvd's
I loved the original way before I knew who Kevin Smith was, after all those late night viewings on Satellite TV, but he can't possibly recapture the magic of the original. Still, I'll give it a chance.
Yeah, I can't say I was bowled over by that trailer. Great thing about the original Clerks was the dialogue. Didn't get much of that from this.
Probably news to no one, but just in case:

Clerks 2 Teaser trailer
Chris wrote: Adrian wrote: I'm not all that far off from Chris.  I'd place Chasing Amy first, just because it reminds me of a specific time in my life

You dated a lesbian? Wink

Thanks Chris, but no.  That's not exactly what I said was it.  But I'm glad about anything that can make coffee spew from Aaron's nose.  Very Happy
I'm sorry, but you made my coffee come up through my nose!
Adrian wrote: I'm not all that far off from Chris.  I'd place Chasing Amy first, just because it reminds me of a specific time in my life

You dated a lesbian? Wink
I basically just arrange my DVD collection by studio, putting all of the subsidaries together (of course), from time to time, it gets rearranged because someone buys someone else (i.e. Paramount/DreamWorks; MGM/Sony), but that's how I do it.
I'm not all that far off from Chris.  I'd place Chasing Amy first, just because it reminds me of a specific time in my life:

Chasing Amy
Jay & Silent Bob
Jersey Girl

Even though Jersey Girl is at the bottom of this list, it is by no means a bad movie.
Now see, that's pretty much the total opposite of the way I see them. I'd go with Dogma first, then Chasing Amy, followed by Clerks, then J&SBSB, then Mallrats. Jersey Girl isn't really an Askewniverse movie, but it's not as bad as people would have you think (especially after J-Lo dies). Kevin himself says it's the worst film he made on the Mallrats anniversary disc, but at the time of release he was very defensive about what was a very personal movie (according to him). Dunno why he changed his tune. Probably because a lot of people slagged it and he has a habit of doing the self-depreciating thing that all fat blokes do to get people to like them. I could be wrong though, I guess.
Here's my ratings of the Kevin Smith films (didn't see Jersey Girl, don't plan on it either):

Jay and Silent Bob
Chasing Amy
I sure that grammatical error was intentional Wink I started watching the Clerks X features last night. That guy gets more freaks at his Q&A sessions than we do on our boards, but he handles them well. Seems to have a lot of 'fans' who slag him off to his face as well... Still, those are some funny extras (main reason I bought yet another version of a film I already own).
Yes chris they certainly was Tongue
I'm sure they'll change their tune once they find out he actually reads the site.

Personally, I haven't liked all his films, but find his commentaries to be pretty amusing, especially the group ones.
My God there's a breath of fresh air wafting through this thread. No K. Smith bot kissing.
Two thoroughly worthwhile posts there then Wink
I don't have that problem because I didn't enjoy any ofd his films well enough to purchase them.
My brain is free from all that, because I sold them all after hearing his commentaries, he is so up his own ass that he thinks he really is it, whilst slagging off pass actors who have made more or have had films made more money than any off his so called comedies.
I keep all of my related films together in chronological order, so I know where to find them. I have Clerks, Clerks X, Mallrats (R1 and R2), Mallrats 10th Anniversary, Chasing Amy, Dogma SE, Jay and Bob Strike Back, An Evening with Kevin Smith and finally, Jersey Girl.
arranging Kevin Smith titles in dvd collections
i like to keep mine together simply because I like to keep movies from any series such as star wars, LotR, Matrix, Star Trek Evil Dead, etc. but I just rearanged all my movies so that now they are in alphabetical order, the pickel I'm in is whether I separate all his films or not and then if I dont what heading would they be under to not separate them (as of now they are under the invisible title of Jersey Series)