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Audio Cable Question

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Thanks for the responses. I just recently started using a Optical cable with my Xbox 360 and was impressed. I've been using 6 channel for my dvd player (where you literally use six cables, each representing a channel). I think I'll buy a coaxial cable for about 15 bucks for the DVD player.
I find higher-end cables are better suited for video applications, and even then only if they are beyond a certain length and exposed to a lot of interference from other cables.

Usually you need super high grade speakers to hear any difference from higher end audio cables. I actually use $2 car stereo rca cables to connect most of my analog components together.

Chris wrote:
I spent a fair amount of money on it and couldn't tell the difference.

You should've been around the first time I saw an HDMI cable. It was $100 per meter from Monster. I almost fell on the floor thinking about how expesive it would be to upgrade for next gen HDTV.

Thankfully later I found out you can get one for less then $20.
There's no difference that any 'normal' person will perceive, although coax is theoretically better as it doesn't convert the signal. As far as cables go, all they're doing is transmitting data. The sound either reaches the other end or it doesn't. Don't spend £60 on a cable that won't sound any different to the ones you get free with the player.

When I first got my player I used the SCART lead that came with it, but decided to 'upgrade' to a decent gold ribbon cable SCART lead as they were allegedly superior. I spent a fair amount of money on it and couldn't tell the difference. Interconnects are the bloody Emperor's New Clothes of the audio-visual world. You just don't need to spend £100 on a bit of cable.
Monster is such a ripoff. The quality is good but damn there is no need for those prices.

In answer to the posters question, my first choice is always optical.
...and preferably produced by a reputable manufacturer like "Monster Cables."
Anything digital - optical or coax, you choose Wink
Audio Cable Question
What type of cable provides the best sound? Digital Coaxial Audio Cable, Digital Optical Cable or 6 Channel Cables?