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Avatar Blu Ray/DVD arrive on April 22nd no Extras

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Wat-choo-talkin-about-Willis? This IS the real version. It's the director's cut from what John Landau has said in the various reports over the last month and it'll probably be the only time the film will be presented on BD (without a split over 2 discs) with the maximum bit rate and disc capacity available to it, using current technology of course.

The release in November, as far as the film goes, isn't any more real than the current release. (It's less real, if you want to persue that line of thinking, because it doesn't exist yet). It will apparently have an extra 6 minutes of material added in via seamless branching and the option (again via branching) to see the film with unfinished/abandoned concepts worked in, which reportedly add another half hour.

Neither version (in November, now matter how its marketed) is intended to be a definative cut but rather, like Ridley Scott offered in his intro to Alien, (the director's cut that wasn't really a director's cut but rather a marketing tool for FOX) when he said 'there's footage that you (the viewer) might find interesting'. Don't quote me on his exact words. I'm at work, don't have access to the discs and I've not spun the Alien DVD in question since its release way back when.

Either way, as I've said in a previous post, (I do go on don't I?) although this release of Avatar might be a let down to a lot of people, I think it still has value for the reasons in paragraph one.

The next release will be bells and whistles commentaries, PIP, pop up tracks and they (the tech bods) will stuggle to get the whole film on one disc if we are to believe what they were saying about how hard it was to get 'just the film' on BD without compromising PQ.

The decision to not put any extras on a 2nd disc is a bit dim and Fox should be beaten around the head an neck for a couple of hours as punishement, but for fans of the film (and they are out there despite the very vocal kicking Avatar seems to get on various forums-not necessarily this one I hasten to add) this release is worth your time purely on the strength of the solid, no nonsense presentation of the film itself. If there were any doubt of that, just spin the DVD for a quick comparison.

Plus, I just read the other day that this release is 'going on moritorium/coming off the shelves' in July. Now, I usually take that with a pinch of salt. Star Wars (the one's with the original cuts) were supposed to be only available for a 3-4 months but they were kicking around for ages afterwards, but just to be aware that if people are waiting for a good low price in the coming months, don't leave it beyond July or it might be unavailable. Having said that, I'm not 100% certain if the moritorium is worldwide or just U.S. I can't remember the website/source of the info but it's likely that it was a U.S. source. Make of that what you will.

I doubt the info will be uselful as fans will already have a copy and those that don't like Avatar will be pleased that it'll potentially be off the shelves come July.

Roll on November when we can do it all again.
I still don't see why anyone is wasting their money on this release when it has been no secret that their releasing the real version later in the year. Unless you MUST see the film.
Well, I've paid for it, and I thought it had shipped, but it's stuck in the US because of the Volcano. I've seen screenshots and package artwork already though but thanks anyway.
I just got it. I'll work on some screenshots and take a picture of the slip cover for ya then edit this post later.

EDIT: Hehe nvm after I logged in I saw in your "Latest Blu-ray's" that you already bought it. I'll still add some screens to the 1080 screen cap thread though.
So, does anyone have it yet? I'd love to see what the slip cover looks like. I might get it today and if so, I'll update this post with a photo, but I'm sure there's someone out there that already have it.
Aren't there issues with how the 3D gets delivered to the TV. I've read suff about HDMI 1.4 being rolled out. From what I've read, 3D can be delivered via HDMI 1.3 but it all depends on frame rates and whether the 3D is full resolution or sort of interlaced. I'm simplifying here as I'm no expert.

But it does seem that it makes sense from Fox's (and I'm no massive fan of Fox's) point of view to hold off for 6 months or so while certain technical issues get ironed out rather than bung out a 3D BD that won't play or be in a format that will be obsolete in its half arsed-ness.

As far as the release in April having no extras on it, well Cameron saying 'pretty much bare bones' doesn't have to mean 'NO EXTRAS'.

The April date puts Avatar about 4 months from theatrical release so I'll be keen to see it again even if it is 2D with minimal extras. It could be like the King Kong theatrical release DVD who knows. Anyway, there's loads of behind the scenes material on t'internet anyway. I know that doesn't beat a good solid 90 minute plus documentary but there is stuff out there already if peeps are interested. Not really a big issue.

Besides which, how many of us know that we can play this mythical 3D BD anyway? For the vast majority, we'll no doubt have to upgrade both BD player and TV to do it any justice. They can take all the time they want 'cos I ain't got that kinda dough.

Just looking forward to seeing it in HD really.
Seems about par the course - Barebones mid year followed by the decked out edition in time for Christmas.

I've got no problem waiting till Christmas for the full version if they're gonna be forward about it. But if they "announce" it with an insert in the initial release version, then I'll wet my appetite through, well... less preferred channels.
Avatar Blu Ray/DVD arrive on April 22nd no Extras
I've just read that Avatar is coming to Blu Ray and DVD on April 22nd to co-incide with Earth Day. But then I read that it will only be barebones first, with the Special Edition to arrive later, in November? WTF!!! Why can't they release both on the same day???

'Avatar' DVD and Blu-ray to Arrive on Earth Day
by Alison Nastasi Feb 19th 2010 // 10:32AM

If you've been wanting to take a return trip to Pandora, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has you covered. James Cameron told The Wall Street Journal the company will release his mega-blockbuster, Avatar, on Blu-ray and DVD this April 22nd. Just in time for the globular masses celebrating Earth Day.

For those of you looking for all the bells and whistles, you'll have to wait a bit longer. Cameron told the newspaper, "That's our plan as of right now, and that'll be pretty much bare bones. And then we'll do a value-added DVD and a 3-D Blu-ray in I think November sometime." A spokesman for Fox confirmed that the 3-D version is still in the conceptual stage and doesn't foresee a November release.

The Oscar-nominated director also spoke briefly about a sequel. Cameron would like to do it "cheaper and faster" and have the second installment serve as "a continuation of the same characters." He then added "we're going to widen the universe in quotes, meaning the envelope of the setting of the story."

Avatar's Earth Day release date is not just a witticism. The filmmaker wants to shed a green light on the film with good reason. "We're not going to bequeath to our children a world that's a sustainable world at the rate that we're going," he said. "It's gonna take a fundamental reboot of the way we view our relationship with the natural world and each other and with business and with the economy...that indefinite growth is not a good thing."