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avg dvd's bought in a fiscal year? 1st dvd bought?

Forums - Discs & Movies - avg dvd's bought in a fiscal year? 1st dvd bought? 

24th November 2010 7:55  #1

alex77014 Member Join Date: June 2006 Location: United States Posts: 187 Send a message via Yahoo to alex77014
avg dvd's bought in a fiscal year? 1st dvd bought?
there's an earlier post as to how many dvd's you own.  currently...i own 1015 movies.  now that the format has been around quite a while...i've been buying since 1998...i'm buying less movies.  overall...i average approx 85 movies a year...but that the frequency of older titles being released has died down...i estimate that i buy about 52 movies a year.  also...the first dvd i purchased was JOHN CARPENTER'S VAMPIRES.  so sue me...i loved james woods in this..."i killed my own father padre, i got no trouble killing you."

p.s.  i debated asking about a lunar year, solar year, draconic year.  although draconic sounds cooler...fiscal just sounds funny in terms of dvd's.  damn...i'm long winded!!!      

24th November 2010 9:43  #2

hogaburger Contributor Join Date: April 2007 Location: United States Posts: 1,153
I sell and trade DVD's a lot so its hard to make a good approximation.

At the peak of my DVD fanaticism, I owned about 1200. For the longest while I was in this mode where I had lots of disposable income and I felt like getting every movie I somewhat enjoyed.

Now I'm a broke college student and I've gotten over my collector's habit. I have whittled it down to approx 700 standard DVDs.  I have about 130 blu-rays.

I bought a PS2 the first year they came out, and it came with Armageddon. So technically, that was my first DVD (which is long gone by now). The first one I purchased by choice was The Matrix.

22nd January 2011 11:59  #3

wwwman Member Join Date: January 2011 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 3
Oh no! Now I have actually put my addiction into real terms, I feel guilty. I probably by between 2 and 3 a week so I probably buy well over 100 every year. Although, at one point I was buying a lot more. I have about 700 DVDs at the moment.

2nd September 2011 13:36  #4

Edwise Member Join Date: October 2004 Location: United States Posts: 184
my collection is somewhere north of 200 DVDs, plus one single disc Blu-ray (Ghostbusters) and two Blu-ray box sets (Alien Anthology and the first 6 Star Trek movies).  I just upgraded to Blu a little over 3 months ago.

The first batch of DVDs I bought, way back in 2000: Ghostbusters, The Princess Bride, Supergirl, The Abyss and The Prince of Egypt.  (The first two were purchased from FYE, the last three from Amazon.)

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