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Barry Lyndon

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12th July 2006 16:27  #1

Chris Hazelton Member Join Date: January 2005 Location: Australia Posts: 40
Barry Lyndon
Just thought i'd come here to vent some steam, because I just bought "Barry Lyndon" for about $A9 and the video transfer is one of the biggest heaps of c**p ever. For one of the most beautiful movies ever made, this is terrible.

Now I understand that this was part of the 1999 Kubrick collection release, and its age doesn't help. Although whomever at WB has their thumb stuck you know where, please take the time to give Mr. Kubrick's films the proper attention. End of rant.

12th July 2006 19:49  #2

Cheddar J. Cheese Member Join Date: October 2004 Location: Canada Posts: 1,492
I doubt we'll see a new version of this.

Due out this year are 2001, ACO, TS, and EWS:Unrated. 2 disc sets, blah blah blah. We have Spartacus Criterion and Strangelove SE. Full Metal Jacket has gone HD (I thought they'd release both same day...). As for the rest? Well Lolita is the only other Warner one and I doubt that'll get a new edition (unless a remake is due out) and the others (The Killing, Paths of Glory) are MGM $10 titles (if you can find them) As for Killer's Kiss, I do not know.

In conclusion, we're getting some, we've gotten some, for the 1 "dud" of Kubrick's resumé, I doubt we'll see a better version.
I say dud because it's so easily not remembered as a Kubrick masterpiece. Anyways, I hope this helps you, even though it's not EXACTLY what you were looking for, but for now, let's just hope the new DVDs skyrocket and we see more of Kubrick's stuff hit the shelves in better editions.

14th July 2006 10:54  #3

rob murray Member Join Date: November 2004 Location: United States Posts: 477
I ran in here as soon as I saw the words Barry Lyndon, and I'm really sad to hear that the Aussie versions tranfer sucked so bad. Its really a terrific movie. The only hope I can offer you is that all of the WB Kubrick collection movies are slated for Blu Ray release

19th July 2006 14:25  #4

Intergalactic Ponce Member Join Date: April 2005 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 1,164
I'm not an authority on this movie or its DVD release but looking around some DVD review sites, this title keeps coming up with a good score as far as the video quality goes, on both region 1 and 2. I'm not doubting your eyes but it seems strange that region 4 would have a different/worse transfer than regions 1&2.

Apart from the transfer being 'a big heap of c**p' how exactly is it c**p? As you've bought this particular film you must be more than a casual film fan (and therfore familiar with the look of it) so I don't think your saying the image looks bad because the film was shot in natural light and dark. Just an honest enquiry.

20th July 2006 14:24  #5

Chris Hazelton Member Join Date: January 2005 Location: Australia Posts: 40
It was the little things that were annoying, nothing an old fashioned remastering wouldnt't help, like film artifacts, distortion and graininess colours in the background. Most of the foregound was fine.

Also the cuts between scenes were jumpy. Argubly some of the issues are related to the manor in which Kubrick shot the film (all natural lighting), but I cant help feeling dissapointed when comparing it with "Spartacus" or "Clockwork Orange". Still a man like Kubrick, self consumed with perfection, would be activly fixing his films if he were alive. Mind you can't say I have looked at any reviews of the DVD and I could very well be talking out of my backside.

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