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Batman Begins

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Batman Begins was awesome. I thought Smith was better and BB recently passed it in domestic grosses.

Batman Begins - 9/10
Mr. & Mrs. Smith - 9.5/10
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As I said on the other post - look out for a box set.......
I'm guessing when Batman Begins comes out on DVD. That would be the best time.
I asked this on another post: When are Burton's Batman movies getting a special edition treatment? Someone had said now...but all I can find are the barebones flippers for $10 (as opposed to $25)...I've also heard October..So if anyone has info it'd be much appreciated.
P.S. If possible, could you include a source please Happy
The Aussie Dollar is the same - approx 79cents per greenback - but movies here are now $14.50! Annoyed
No wonder I import my dvds - a dvd is almost the cost of a ticket!
Yeah....a Canuk buck is about $.80 cents in green money Wink

So the ticket is about $10.50

Still about twice what it should be Annoyed

Although it should be known most bigger Canadian chains charge as much as $18 depending on format and time of day.


Wait, Canadian dollars...ok that's about equal to prices here then.
Gotta adjust for the ticket prices. When my parents took me to see Batman in '89, they were like $4 - when I went to see Batman Begins, the theater I was at sold em for $13 Very Happy
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awesome movie. Batman truly put the fear in the criminals. Best Batman by far, Burtons doesnt even come close
between this, Star Wars and Sin City i have been extremely pleased this year
I think the part that shocked me the most is that they managed to make Batman truly menacing. You expect him to clean house, but he absolutely DESTROYS his opponents, which (thanks in part to fast tight shots and digital surround} can be truly intimidating when watching.

I got to watch the movie in the rarely available Sony 8 channel SDDS system. At times I felt like batman was ontop of
Good Lord! All of this rant and rave I see everywhere of how good this new Batman movie is and that is better than Burton's films. I was going to wait for the DVD to watch it but I guess i'm going to have to go see it just to see what the fuss is all about. But not before I see Land of the Dead first.
It opens this Thursday here down under...
Sad why are we always behind everyone else?
My mother was in town and we went to see it. I couldn't beleive that she loved it. A truly fine film.
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Hey Danny, any idea on what the older films may have got if the dollars they brought in were valued at todays currancy value? This maybe more realistic on what it does earn in the long run...
I was really hyped up about this film, and holy s*** this was an excellent movie!

Whilst it's easy to compare to Burton's vision, Burton was the one who brought it back to it's original roots, and it was Schumacher who f***ed it up, but now they've brought it back and made even darker, and more gothic than Burton could imagine.

If you think it's going to be like one of those endless comic book superheroes such as Spider-man, Daredevil etc, think again, Batman Begins it’s not, it’s nothing like you’ve ever seen, in a superhero movie.

It reaches deep into the darkside of a man who has yet to become a superhero.

It’ even than any superhero franchise that’s recently come out, that’s right it’s better than Spider-man, better than Daredevil, it stands along if not a bit higher than The X-Men.

Batman Begins is a comic book film of a different kind, the characters are fleshed out and given time to breathe, the energy and fight sequences are realistic, raw, and nasty.

They've given us a taster of what's to come, and Christ I can't wait for the sequel man!!!

Oh and the Batmobile ROCKS!!!!
- -
Batman Begins

A Batman movie that didn't suck. Seriously, I never thought it could be done but it equalled, if not surpassed Tim Burton's version. I'm still in shock.

There are only two things I didn't like. Katie Holmes was unnecessary and The car was cool, but not the Batmobile.

I was pleased with the music too, but it doesn't remotely touch Danny Elfman's score for the Burton movie.

Overall though, I looked like this most of the film. Shocked