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'Batman Returns' region 2 DVD missing commentary?!

Forums - Discs & Movies - 'Batman Returns' region 2 DVD missing commentary?! 


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You can always order region 1 with the commentary.
Incidentally thanks very much in deed Chris for bowing to my petulant demands.  i really appreciate your investigating this!
So does that mean the UK will *ever* get commentary??

bear in mind that I am at work now and will have no qualms with throwing my computer out of the window, getting a chartered flight to Los Angeles and throwing faecal matter at every administrative office of Warner bros/ time/ AOL/ The Bin Laden family, I'll go all the way up the chain!!!!
Warner have made a backhanded announcement through their PR company. Basically they fucked up. It was omitted through an authoring error and it should never have been advertised. You are within your rights to return it as it's not as advertised.
Well I got it over t'internet, however if the problem affects ALL region 2 discs in the UK then I run the risk of getting a dud replacement.  I wonder why Warners have not made an announcement on this?
In Australia, if you buy a DVD that does not have the commentary that is listed on the back cover, you can take it back to the store for a refund as the product was not as described - a great consumer law....
Quote: Originally posted by dan laurikietis
Chris I would be forever in your debt

Oh, that is so not where you want to be...Wink
Chris I would be forever in your debt if you contacted WBs PR company and asked them what was going on here.  WB surely can't display the director's commentary on the box (which it DOES) and then not supply it (which they HAVEN'T)

In the words of therapy? "I get the feeling I've been cheated"
I can confirm that it is DEFINATELY missing.  At whom do I vent my spleen?
If it was advertised then yes, they are potentially opening themselves up for trouble. Basically they're misrepresenting the product, so people are well within their rights to get a refund.

Still, no one here has actually posted to say that it is definitely missing, and I'm not buying it just so I can find out.
In your experience Chris, do you expect them to recall the copies with the missing commentary.  As it is displayed as a feature on the packaging couldn't WB get into legal trouble.  false advertising and whatnot?
They sorted The Goonies disc, but that was because they accidentally released the cut version instead of the new BBFC certificated uncut release.

Batman Returns is, as I understand it, still cut (similar to The Matrix), so they probably just couldn't be arsed to adapt the commentary. I've no idea how much is cut cause I'm not a fan of the film, but that would seem to be the logical explanation. Either way, their PR company has yet to get back to me.
OK Matt I'm good and annoyed now because my DVDs of the Burton films have STILL not arrived (perhaps been racalled I don't know).  This is killing me! Like you I've waited a long time for these DVDs!
Dan, I would really like to know what you find out, so please let me know, mate, thanks.

Chris, I am sorry if I seem angry, but please understand, I have been looking forward to the release of these DVDs for so long, that why should I not be angry?

By the way, did Warner actually sort out The Goonies DVD? As, if they did, hopefully they will sort this out too.

Has anyone experienced problems with their region 2 Batman Returns S.E. DVD?
The original UK R2 release of The Matrix didn't have the commentary or the isolated score because the BBFC made Warner cut it to get their 15 rating. It's now routinely shown uncut on TV, so what a load of bollocks that was.
Hmm didn't recieve Batman Returns or Batman in the bost but did get Forever and Batman n Robin (commentaries all present and accounted for there).  Both films I used to loathe but these SEs have really made me reverse my stance.
Anyway Matt I'll post as soon as I know if its there or not.

A MATRIX COMMENTARY Chris? Is this on the Ultimatrix box set where its critics vs philosophers in debate or do you mean the original release?
It's hardly the first time Warner have fucked up a release. The Goonies springs to mind. They also did the same thing with the Matrix release (omitting the commentary because of BBFC cuts).

But seriously mate, calm down. You seem to be more obsessed with Batman than I am with Star Wars.
My copy will arive today so I'll find out if that's true.  I seriously doubt it!
Yes, but just because it was listed on the extras list doesn't mean it will necessarily be on the disc, don't you understand that?

Warner have totally screwed up. Screw you, Warner, you had better sort this crap out!
According to here, there is. Here is the link
'Batman Returns' region 2 DVD missing commentary?!
Although I have not bought it yet, and definitely won't if this is true, I have heard from many people who bought the region 2 S.E. DVD of Batman Returns that the commentary is totally missing from disc 1!!!

I have heard that it may have something to do with it not being in sync with the rest of the film due to the cuts made by the BFFC. This is just ridiculous! How can Warner advertise it on the DVD when it isn't even there?!

I hope to God that Warner are going to sort this out quick!!!

Has anyone other region 2 buyer had this problem?