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Since Battle Royale is going to be remade as an American movie, does that mean that we will finally see an official R1 release of the original movie?
Speaking about BATTLE ROYALE, Variety reports that New Line Cinema has picked up the remake rights to BATTLE ROYALE, Roy Lee, the man behind the RING and GRUDGE remakes, will produce the new BATTLE with Neal Moritz, who’s also behind the new I AM LEGEND; However, no writer or director has been announced. Don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing but I like Battle Royale just the way it was.  
thanx dudes
The Tartan NTSC version is the best release of the theatrical release, because it doesn't suffer from interlacing issues and has removable subs.

If you want the SE, the Tartan release is still probably the one to go for as it has better subs, but it is an NTSC>PAL job. I've had it for a while but still haven't watched it. I have the Universe R2 release of the original version, which has great audio but is non-anamorphic.

I did a bit of research after reading your post, and I came to the same conclusion as Mal regarding that disc on Amazon - it looks suspect. It's got the same cover as the Australian release, and I can't find mention of it anywhere else.
First thing you need to do is decide if you want to buy the original version or the special version, the latter has extra scenes and blood. Then have a look here:

i just looked on and it has a Battle Royale (NTSC/5.1 Version) which is about 8 pounds more than the pal edition, so this must be the better version
I need the 2 disc Tartan SE soon
The Amazon release looks suspect. It's based on the Australian release and from what I have read, it apparently has all the distributor and Australia specific logos stripped from the artwork.
one more thing, cos I already have the r2 normal release which isnt remastered or anything, is it worth me buying the r2 special edition, is the picture and audio that much better that its worth paying for? thanx
I'm not familiar with that version, but there is no region one release. The version on Amazon is an 'all region' release, and there are mistakes with the specs. They list the AR as 2.35:1, but the original AR is 1.85:1. It says it's a Toei release. Perhaps it's a port of the Japanese release with English subs. If that's the case, the video will be the same as the other Special Editions (note, it's not a director's cut as they claim).
what about the r1 directors cut from, that says ntsc
There isn't one. The French R2 has a better picture than the other releases, but it's not the 'correct' colour scheme. It also lacks English subs. The Tartan versions have decent subtitles, but you need to get the NTSC version, not the PAL>NTSC version. The Universe R3 release is better for audio, but the transfer is non-anamorphic and the subs have a lot of errors.

Same goes for the Special Edition. There isn't a really decent version of the film on DVD, but the two-disc Tartan set is about the best because the subs are much better than the Korean releases, even if it is NTSC>PAL (again).
battle royale
hi, I own the c**ppy tartan uk transfer of this film in r2, what is the ultimate version of this film to buy in terms of picture, sound quality and subtitles and is it worth me getting another version if I have the r2 version that doesnt have a really good transfer? tahnx dudes