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Best Blu-ray Movies to show off my HD set-up?

Forums - Discs & Movies - Best Blu-ray Movies to show off my HD set-up? 


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I only have about 20 Bluies, Im pretty picky about what I buy.  These are my favorites & benefit the most from a really good 1080p & all hi-def setup...Enjoy!!

Action & vivid colors: Casino Royale & Blood Diamond
Animation: Monster House & A Scanner Darkly
CG & Effects: Pan's Labyrinth & Harry Potter 5/Order of Pheonix
Just damn good films that look & sound flawless: The Prestige & No Country for Old Men
2001 A Space Odyssey

Both are spectacular, I'm sticking to the sci fi genre for blu until it gets cheaper. Though nothing compares to seeing 2001 in a theater.
Believe it or not at this point even though I've had a player for a while, I just have Ocean's Thirteen on BR and the only reason I have that is because I got it free.

Long story short, Ocean's Thirteen looks like c**p on BR, so you likely want to avoid it. I know that doesn't help, but I'm kinda
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe. Best sound and picture reviews in quite a while.
If the blu-ray is as good as the hddvd then I'd say 'Mad Max 2'.
Best Discs to show off your system are...

I, Robot (I think right there at the best of BD so far)
I Am Legend
POTC 1-2-3
Blade Runner
No Country for Old Man
All Pixar BD Titles [Ratatouille, Cars, Pixar Short Films]
Shoot' Em Up
All Spider-Man Movies
Casino Royale
A Scanner Darkly
Rescue Dawn
and much more...

Planet Earth is another obvious choice, great discs!
The Pirates films are good (well, not the films, but you know what I mean). The only problem with them is that POTC is misframed in places, which is why I didn't recommend it. I believe they had a replacement program in the US, but I've not heard of one for the UK.
Pirates and Ratatouille are my go-to flicks for picture. Sound wise, Across the Universe is pretty fantastic. Of course, all three of these are interchangeable as they all have phenomenal A/V... just my preferences is all.

OH! And I don't own it (yet) but apparently Planet Earth is crazy beautiful. So there's always that.
Thanks! I heard the Pirates movies are pretty decent, too, no? Did I read that Twister (though again, not the best of movies) is pretty impressive sound/picture wise as well?
300 is good, as is Blade Runner. Resident Evil: Extinction, while a c**p film, looks and sounds great. Beowulf because it's direct digital to digital. The Spider-Man films look/sound quite nice. Older films like Starship Troopers, RoboCop, Predator and Life of Brian look much better on BD. Depends what you like I guess.

Most new titles I receive look and sound pretty good, so it's hard to pick out demo titles.
Best Blu-ray Movies to show off my HD set-up?
I apologize if this has been posted before, but I was wondering if anyone could recommend the best Blu-ray discs out there now to show off my HD LCD and surround sound system?