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Best Blu-ray Transfers You've Seen So Far...

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hogaburger wrote:
The Watchmen transfer isn't bad, but whenever its a dark scene that is lit by Manhattans glow there are some quality issues.

The Watchmen transfer WAS great, but those scenes you mentioned with Manhattan's Blue glow in dark areas were completely fubar and took me out of the film. Especially when he's in bed with Laurie; it looked terrible!
I usually get a better idea of how a blu-ray movie looks on my computer monitor anyways, since my monitor resolution is 2048 x 1152.

Have to agree about the Coraline transfer, very nice.

The Watchmen transfer isn't bad, but whenever its a dark scene that is lit by Manhattans glow there are some quality issues.

Bolt looks really good too. Pretty much perfect, like every other 3D movie.
Finally got I, Robot so I can see what all the fuss is about. haven't watched it on the TV yet, but even on the PC monitor I can see that it's a quality effort.
-Speed Racer
-Coraline (just completely blew me away)
-The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
-The Internation (Underrated film and one of the best BD transfers to date)
-Tropic Thunder
-Max Payne
-IMAX SCENES in The Dark Night

And just about every Criterion Blu release is stellar.
Knowing is also a mighty-fine looking disc. Pity about the film.
hellboy 2 is stunning as is the forbidden kingdom
The Fall is a superb film. Best I've seen this year
Finally got around to watching The Fall tonight. One of the most impressive BDs I've seen from a visual standpoint.
Out of the dozen Blu-rays I own, I'm very impressed with 2001, Blade Runner and Zodiac. Full marks to the BFI for their work on The Red Desert, too.
Blade Runner on BR sounds amazing, that is such an awesome movie...
Can I add the Star Trek TOS One Boxset. The PQ on it is wonderful, even with the 4:3 ratio. Close Encounters, Iron Man, Indy 4, Spider-Man 3, Incredible Hulk and Hancock looked good to me.

I saw Public Enemies the other night, I am really looking forward to owning it on Bluray. It looked absolutely brilliant.
TDK has too much edge ringing for my liking. That and they messed with the colour timing.
If the entirely of The Dark Knight was shot on IMAX, I'd say that.
But since it isn't, Speed Racer / Wall-E
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.

Man on Fire.
Terminator 2.
People have b***hed about it, but I compared it to my DVD and was blown away.

Hellboy II's quite nice.
I Am Legend is pretty good, I, Robot is supposed to be amazing, but I don't own it. Oddly enough, Resident Evil: Extinction sticks in the mind as a good looking film. Eagle Eye is good, as are Star Wars: Clone Wars, Blade Runner, Tropic Thunder, Sin City, 300 and, well, loads more actually.
Best Blu-ray Transfers You've Seen So Far...
Here are a few that come to mind:

Baraka (wow)
The Fall
Curious Case of Benjamin Button

All of these are US BD, I haven't mingled with other regions on blu-ray yet.