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Best Movie from a TV Show

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South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.

The plot is perfectly tailored to the new medium and is still utterly hillarious, complete with excellent and entertaining musical numbers.

And the fact that they got away with THAT title is unreal and flat-out awesome. Makes me crack up each time I think of it.

Tee Hee Hee...
Gabe Powers wrote: The Fugitive. I win.

Yup, bar-none. The finest TV to movie adaption ever done.
I liked "the addams family"
Naked Gun
Mission Impossible
South Park

just a few I can think of right now.
Gabe Powers wrote: The Fugitive. I win.

I forgot about that one as well as the Untouchables (mainly because I don't remember either TV show).
I liked:
Mission Impossible(s)
Some of the Star Treks
The Fugitive
The Naked Gun
Addams Family
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
South Park BL&U
The Fugitive. I win.
I've liked Starsky & Hutch and Dukes of Hazzard, but I am probably alone there.  The most successful of movies from TV series, has to be Mission Impossible.  The X-files movie was pretty good and I hear they are working on a sequel.
Best Movie from a TV Show
We have lots of bad movies from great TV shows.  However what movie (based on a TV Show) do you think was the best. I will say "The Brady Bunch" "The Blues Brothers" and "waynes World" however I did not like any of the sequels.  If this thread has been done before I am sorry.