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Best Sound from a dvd movie, your picks

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Quote: Originally posted by Tom Woodward
Without a doubt, Master and Commander for me. Amazing sound...

Yeah, I agree there, actually get the sensation of being on, and under, the deck of the boat.
But one great sounding disc that no one has mentioned is painfully obvious, especially this week... Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones, overall the best sounding and looking disc that I can think of right off the top of my head.
The Day After Tomorrow(DTS)
Saving Private Ryan(Dolby Digital)
The Fifth Element(DTS)
Without a doubt, Master and Commander for me. Amazing sound...
Generally I have been using the battle scene in Pearl Harbour to show my system capabilities to my friends....
yes, definitely Pearl Harbor and my other favourite I didn't mention....
Air Force One (Superbit DTS)
Die Hard II DTS
and off my head -

Pearl Harbour(DTS)
Gladiator (DTS)
Terminator 2 UE (DTS)
Fifth Elemant (DTS)
Lord of the Rings (DTS) all 3
Saving Private Ryan (DTS)
Off the top of head:
R2/4 Hulk (DTS)
The Bourne Identity (DTS)
Terminator 2 UE (DTS)
Alien from Quadrilogy (DTS)
Alien Res from Quadrilogy (DTS)
The Bourne Supremacy (DD5.1)

Black Hawk Down - 3 disc
Terminator 2 - ultimate edition
Lion King - Disney Home Theater Mix
Top Gun SE
Indiana Jones Trilogy

many more...
- -
DVD's audio is worthless if you don't have a good surround sound system, but here's my pick from my collection (in no particular order):

Bad Boys (2)
Terminator (2 and 3)
Black Hawk Down
Heat (2 disck special edition)....the gun fighting scene at the end is amazing, just crank up the volume and you'll see you're neighbors duck!
Best Sound from a dvd movie, your picks
As I have mentioned in many previous forums, I particularly love DTS soundtrack on many available movies on dvd. Here are some of my fave movies that produces some of the best sound on dvd. What's you fave?

Rush Hour 2: Infinifilm (DTS)
Speed: 5 Star Collection (DTS)
Behind Enemy Lines: SE (DTS)
Top Gun: SE (DTS)

There are others I like, but can't remember them.