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Blade Runner Final Cut Whats Rumors have you herd

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I hope so
stanton heck wrote: the price?  I bet its $75
It might be, but I'm sure that you'll be able to catch it for maybe $40-$45 bucks the first week of release.  
Darth is correct, Warners did indeed request that the one minute trailer be withdrawn from YOUTUBE.COM, but someone else has put it up again.  Gawd bless 'em.
If that's the case then I'll have to plan a road trip. But if it does come to theatres (as Scott's older stuff does when a DC is released (Alien)), I would think it would get a bit of a wider release, and there'd for sure be a showing up here.
I wonder if it will be a SPecial One night Event (Like They did with Dirty Dancing) on 100's of screens or play for a week on one screen  in New York & Los Angeles
DVD Monthly also ran the same piece as DVD Review. There was a trailer for the final cut after the AFI show last night on US tv. You Tube were running it today but it was pulled for obvious reasons. According to Channel 4 teletext today the final cut will be in cinemas this autumn/fall before a R1,R2,R4 release but IMDB today did not list the final cut as having a cinema release date yet in the US or UK! Who knows?!
the price?  I bet its $75

We have been patient and we will be rewarded.
Taken from this month's DVD Review:

"The five discs will be packaged in a Deckard briefcase.
Disc one will have the new "final cut" complete with deleted and additional scenes, additional dialogue and special effects.

Cheif among those,as revealed by Joanna Cassidy, will be a rejiggered version of her replicant character Zhora's retirement scene that removes the previously visible squib control wires and puts her face over the her stand-in. "In those days it was a matter of casting someone as close as you could to double your actress" Says Ridley. "But we figured out today we could replace the stunt girl's face with Joanna's using greenscreen"
 No word yet on whether Ridley will do a commentary, though given his love for the DVD format we'll be very suprised if he doesn't.

Disc two will contain the three previous versions of the film: the 1982 US theatrical version, the slightly more violent international theatrical992 "director's cut that wasn't really anything of the kind.

Disc three will be filled with "Dangerous Days" a  new documentary covering the whole story from Philip K Dick's original book "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" to the film's original reception, with interviews from all the principals, Harisson Ford included.

Disc four all bonus materials (all to be confirms at the time of writing) subheaded under the catagories Inception, pre-production, production, post-production, release and legacy.

 Disc 5 is rumoured to contain Mark Kermode's 2000 documentary "on the edge of Blade Runner" and the imfamous workprint version."
Go to YOUTUBE.COM immediately folks - type in Bladerunner trailer and look through them for the FINAL CUT one.  This aired in America last night and it shows glimses of new shots!

Note: Someone has put up their own FAN VERSION of a "Final Cut" trailer, so be careful to look for the proper one.  Gotta love those new "DANCERS"... Wink
Blade Runner Final Cut Whats Rumors have you herd
What are we getting in this cut does anybody know?