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Blu-ray 1080p screen captures thread

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Turned out DVDFab had a trial period. I found a free program called MakeMKV ( ) that has absolutely no strings attached and doesn't appear to lose any video quality. I've been using it to rip blu-rays into huge MKV files, then using the steps from that MPlayer guide you linked to take screenshots from the MKVs. Works great.

Hurt Locker


Universal did a pretty amazing job on this disc.

Fight Club

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly



Take a look at this.
Yeah, I can see what you mean. I just ripped The Fall with DVDFab and its not looking quite as good as I remember it being on my PS3. Messing with the SMPlayer now, not having a lot of luck though.
Hmm, those look a bit waxy to me, especially comparing similar shots. Take a look at this image (I hate linking to this site, but it's the closest match I could find).

By on the fly I mean decrypting directly from the disc. If you use Windows you want SMplayer for ease.
Not sure what you mean by decrypt on the fly. I think with this method there really isn't any need for DVDFab. It seems like its more for copying from one blu-ray disc to another. I can just browse the disc and copy the m2ts files without using the program at all, and Media Player Classic will play them just fine. I'll take a look into MPlayer.

Here's some North by Northwest grabs:

Edit: Nevermind, I definitely have to use DVDFab or it won't render the files when I try to play them.
That's similar to my work-flow, but I use different programs. Here's a tip: MPlayer. Does DVDFab not decrypt on the fly then?
Thanks for that.

I actually found a decrypter that works. Program was called DVDFab6. Let me rip my blu-ray and then I just dug up the m2ts file and opened it with WMP Classic and used Alt + PrtScn. Free and it doesn't look half bad. Here is a quick cap I did from Baraka. Will mess with this more later.

Of course, I screen capped it on fullscreen with my monitor that is 2048x1152, but it should still give you a good idea of how it looks at 1080 resolution.
Thought I'd resurrect this thread for a quick shot of the new Thirst BD.

*Hangs head in shame*

Could you put links to the movie's reviews / SD screens so it's quicker to see the difference?

Yes, I'm lazy and don't want to seach
While that was actually quite funny, I'd like to try and keep this a serious thread for people who want to see HD screen caps.
Pirates of the Caribbean:

Thought it might be nice to have a thread showing some of the 1080p screen captures that I have, seeing as we don't yet have the facility on the site. Feel free to post your own! Obviously they're not completely representative of BD quality because they've been saved in JPEG, but they should give you an idea.

Max Payne

I've tried to match the captures in our SD DVD review so you can compare.

More to follow...

Tropic Thunder


Clone Wars

Sin City

Iron Man